Smokin OP's Review

The long awaited remaster of ANY classic Seger LP long out
of print has finally arrived in the form of Smokin OP's.
I am unsure why this album was chosen as the first to be
resurrected from the vaults, but I am glad it has.

Over the years, fan demand has grown for older Seger material and this
has been exemplified by exorbitant prices on old out of print
vinyl and bootleg CDs derived from them.

I have been listening to OP's for years on cassette (from
my old LP) and having a nicely remastered CD after all these
years is a treat.
You could never tell it was recorded in the back room
of a bowling alley. The songs are mostly covers from the time and
the style is reminiscent of the late 60's early 70's garage rock.

Overall a great job in remastering and I can not wait to re-hear
"Back in 72" when it comes out this August.
I recommend picking this one up if you want to be transported
back in time to an era of a young "edgy" Seger, singing songs that
for the most part the general public already knows from the originals.

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