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This is a listing of some Fan emails I have received inthe past regarding the site and the band.
Use the button below to drop a note and maybe it will be posted here. Not all messages will be posted.

NOTE: I am getting way too many mails now that the band is touring to be able to post. Also, Requests and sad stories will not be posted. ).

Also, as Bob does not visit this page, notes to him will not be posted.


15 Nov 2006, 12:33:56 PM

Kevin - I want to thank you!! I check ticketmaster almost daily for where Bob will be....I live in San ANtonio...so I bought tickets to Dallas (5 hour drive).
Today I happen to check your site and noticed he will be in Houston (3 hour drive)...and I'm not sure how I got so lucky...but tickets went on sale Saturday
(today is Wednesday)...and I GOT FLOOR SEATS!! THANKS TO YOU AND YOUR SITE!!! thank you....
God bless Bob! and thank you!
Jim in San ANtonio

15 Nov 2006, 01:32:15 PM

Hi Kevin.
Great to se that Bob is on tour.
Been waiting for this for years.

I will fly over from Norway in January/February to see some shows ,and
really looking forward to it.

Keep up the good work.
Best regards from
Yngve 'Hoba' Berg

13 Nov 2006, 03:24:10 PM

Thank-you for this fabulous web-site! Counting the days til St.Paul MN

12 Nov 2006, 11:12:19 AM

This is just a short note to say thank's for all of the concert info
you have been posting.With your help my wife and myself were able to
get a pair of tickets to the show in Saginaw.The show was how should
I say this FANTASTIC is all a fan can say.At 61 Bob and The Silver
Bullet's didn't miss a beat.Don't know if you read all of your
e-mail but hope this find's it's way to you to read.So thank you
again for the info,and keep up the super work on the web page,we
check it often.

Walt & Connie Patterson

04 Nov 2006, 08:17:13 AM

THANK YOU for making this available for our comments. I am 67 years old, and the Bob Seger songs have made a very big impression on my life. I saw him play in Detroit Battle of the Bands years ago (I was there showing my Arabian horse)...and little did I know then what I was hearing.
But now live in Tulsa and regretfully did not see it listed on the tour schedule.
Did see him when he was here before and would make an old girls day if he could come again.
Sue , Tulsa, OK.

Hi Kevin,
Just wanted to drop you a short note saying thanks for everything you do with the segerbob website.
I found it maybe 2 years ago and have been a semi-regular visitor since then (and close to daily visitor since Face
the Promise was released and the tour started looking like a reality).

Just wanted to say that your site is a great source
of information and I really appreciate both the personal touches and the overall sense of responsibility demonstrated.
Your work and the quality of it is much appreciated. Thanks for everything you do and please keep up the good work.

All the best,
Scott Pegg

03 Oct 2006, 03:30:51 PM

THANK YOU!!! Kevin, for providing this site.
THANK YOU, Bob Seger & the Silver Bullet Band, for bringing to your fans, a long over due AWESOME addition to our music collections.
I have to say, I picked up the "Face the Promise" CD the day it was released, and LOVED IT INSTANTLY!!!!! Worth the wait!! Encouraging many friends to go and buy it!
When I learned that Bob was going to appear on Letterman, I was sure to stay up to catch the show. Bob & the band were so ROCK SOLID!!!!
The gals singing back up vocals on this CD really bring it! I can't wait for the tour to come near my area, I'll be first in line to get tickets!
ROCK ON Segar fans!
See you all at the show!
Lisa Vernon

31 Oct 2005, 04:55:22 PM

the first time i heard night moves back in the 70s i thought man this guy rocks and what a awesome raspy voice. have been a devoted since then. i have been fortunate to see bob about 5 times in concert. my mother become a seger fan also, when i played old time rock & roll. last month my mother passed away. she stated that when she passed, she would like to have bob seger at her funeral. so i could not go aganist her wishes. we played aganist the wind, fire lake, famous final scene. so i would like to thank bob seger for music, the voice and the lyrics & the memories i have of my mom when i play your songs. thanks again bob.
jeff williams

05 Oct 2005, 08:50:48 PM

Hi, I'm a music teacher from NJ. I teach a styles of music course in the public schools and also in a local community college. Besides everything else, I show DVD's concert videos. These videos are probably the MOST IMPORTANT part of the course where I can over-narrate and where TODAY'S students really get connected. I cover 14 major styles of music. I have vidoes of everyone BUT Bob Seger and The Little River Band. I would REALLY love to have such a video from BOB......................Bob, if you're listening (watching)........PLEASE release a concert video - old or new. Kids really love your sound.......and this would surely help 'completing' my course!!!
Dennis L.

30 Sep 2005, 04:47:14 PM

Hey Kevin, thank god like minded people. Good site keep it up. As for Mr Seger he should take a look at this site himself, get off the old behind and put a tour together! If it happens at all i will assume he wont come to England, so i guess i'm gonna have pay a bit extra for my ticket!! Dammit Bob if you aint gonna play no more at least put a DVD out!!!!!!!!!!!!
Regards to all Seger fans
Paul, Kent, England UK

30 Sep 2005, 09:51:55 AM

Been a longtime fan. Would be great to see Bob tour again it's been years.
Carrie R.

27 Sep 2005, 08:19:00 PM

My husband's from Flint, Michigan until he transplanted here in the great NW-we've been together 30 years now and would dearly love to see Bob live in concert...we take the occasional mid-west trip and points beyond so travelling wherever isn't a big deal....please post as soon as anything ever becomes available-even if it's local and not a tour...anytime/anyplace-we dig his sound

25 Sep 2005, 11:41:02 PM

Thanks for keeping this site going! The first time I'd ever heard Bob was "Live Bullet" in 9th grade typing class way back when it was first released and I've been hooked ever since. The first time that I saw Bob in concert was at the Checker Dome in St. Louis in 1976 (I think). My dad drove my friends and I through a pretty good snow storm some 40 miles just to get the the Dome! It was awesome. My 2 best friends and my 1st 'boyfriend' (who passed away shortly after) together at my 1st concert and it was BOB!!! I remember joking that I'd pay as much as $20 a ticket just to see Bob again! I paid $8.25 then and that included the handling fee. Now I'd pay what ever I had to to see him sing live again. I'd love for my kids to see him. They grew up listening to Bob and love his music almost as much as me. It's funny how someone that you'll probably never meet can influence your life so much. The first time I heard 'Roll Me Away' I melted! My 2 favorite things, Bob and mountains. Because of that song, I eventually came around to the motorcycle thing. Now Harleys are a huge part of my life. My husband has Bob to thank for that! If Bob won't tour again, maybe he could satisfy his fans by putting together a collection of his music videos and concert film onto a DVD. Also a big ol huge coffee table bio book! How about both? I will send my DVD/book idea to Bob via Punch.

Kim Henderson

PS, love your tattoo!!

24 Sep 2005, 03:50:46 PM

At a young age, my Dad enstilled in me a love for Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band. As a matter of fact, everytime I hear "Against the Wind" it takes me back ten years to a summer when all I did was get milkshakes with my Dad and play that Single on a jukebox. I was about nine or so and that song the Silver Bullet Band plays brings so much happiness and nostalgia that I sing out loud at the top of my lungs whenever I hear it.
Rock on Silver Bullet Band!

17 Sep 2005, 03:16:53 PM

Thomas K.

20 Sep 2005, 11:54:55 PM

Hey, Where in the world is Bob these days? I really miss him and would really like to see him in concert again . I saw him twice in The Palace in "96", and again that same year twice In Indy. I am probably one of his biggest fans ever. When I called to get tickets for the Detroit show they said the only seats available were behind the stage , and I said I didn't care if they were under the stage I wanted tickets. Thank you for deciding to have a circle stage because we ended up with seats four rows from the stage. I could hardly contain myself.
I Miss You
Karla in Muncie, IN

15 Sep 2005, 11:48:17 PM

I remember sitting on the concrete floor at the Palladium in Birmingham, Michigan wathing the Bob Seger System. I think it was $2 to get in. What a time to live! The place vibrated. If it was on DVD today it would sell a million copies. Any Seger concert on DVD would be in every true rockers collection. I probably attended 20 of his concerts and I would do another 20 in a heartbeat.

Tim G.
Mission Viejo, CA and an old Detroiter.

11 Sep 2005, 12:55:53 AM

Hello, Been a big fan since the early 1970's. I saw him in concert in 1986. WOW!!!!!!!!! I would love see another concert. I especially love Bob"s version of "Fortunate Son". I also listen to Bob singing "The Little Drummer Boy" all year round. I have never heard a Christmas Carol sung so Beautifully. Thanks for so much wonderful music.

31 Aug 2005, 01:57:04 PM

Hey Kevin,
Thanks for the site! I was born and raised in Michigan and have been living in Texas for the last five years. I grew up listening to Bob Seger and hearing his music makes me homesick! He's one of a kind, and I appreciate him now as much as I did when I was a teenager ( I'm forty-two!) Thank God there are some things you just can't duplicate.
Sheila Allen Chambless

30 Aug 2005, 04:27:05 PM

Greetings from England.
Isn’t it about time Bob toured the “old country” and came to see his fans in the U.K.
Is this EVER going to be a possibility?
Jackie & Steph in Warwick, England.

30 Aug 2005, 04:58:53 AM

I hope he tours just one more time before i pass away, and i'll go Happy & Content to my resting place. I LOVE BOB SEGAR MUSIC !
Mike in Tucson, Arizona.

22 Aug 2005, 05:21:42 PM

Fans of the SIlver Bullet Band run crazy in my family. My first concert was theirs, and then my third and do so hope to get another chance.
Susan Combs

17 Aug 2005, 01:10:54 AM

Hi, I have been a fan since the mid to late 70's. I taught myself to play the guitar and one of the songs I play is TURN THE PAGE, I love all his songs lyrics. I saw Bob in concert one time in Portland Oregon in 1986. It was one of the best times of my life, besides marrying my husband, who I think looks like Bob. If I could sit and chat with Bob, I'd tell him that some of his lyrics changed my life, Tell him to have a good day. I'd love to see him come to Idanha Oregon and play in the park, I'd play along with him, Wow that would be a dream come true. I am so glad I found this page, thanks for posting it.

08 Aug 2005, 05:48:00 PM

I am only 14 & I have been a fan for years.Seger is my idle & I have many of his CDs. My dad always tells me about he knew bob & how he sees craig frost where he works all the time. I can still remember when i was about 4 rockin to rockinroll never forgets.

08 Aug 2005, 02:56:44 PM

Hi , I live in England as do many Bob Seger fans. My wife and I love the man and his Music. If you go on tour again Bob PLEASE come to ENGLAND. Incidentally his birthday and my wife's are the same.
Love you Bob, Just keep on rockin.
Ray Wilkie

05 Aug 2005, 09:31:16 AM

Excellent website for the greatest artist, performer, and vocalist of all time. I'm a 33 year old female who has been a die hard fan since... well, I could sing. Even after all the times I have listened to his music it still gives me goose bumps. I have all the albums and an autographed photo of Bob, but unfortunately it wasn't in person. I've always said if he goes on tour I will sell something I own to be whereever it is. Thanks again from one fan to another. If you ever need support in tying to get him to tour again sign me up.

Newfoundland, Canada

11 Jul 2005, 08:00:28 PM

hi, i sure would like Bob Seger to read this as i'm shure he would get a kick out of it, it's the story of "my little girls first words". i like to tell this story to the michigan boys as they are the ones who truely apreciat e the significance of the story, this happened about 25 years ago when my little girl was just a toddler,we lived in the remote central wildernes of british columbia canada about a 4hour horse back ride of the single rut dirt road,we were there fore 5years without radio,tv sterio or any comunication whith the outside word,one day a nabour had a moveing out sale and i bought a small casset player and one tape, this is the first time we had music in the old homestead and we played the tape night and day, it was exciting, one morning while the tape was playing we saw Emily was dancing around the kitchen,now you must remember that Emily had never been out and heard music or seen anybody dancing befor but what realy surprized us is she was singing happley " BOB SEGER, BOB SEGER, BOB SEGER ", and that is the story of " my little girls first words "


10 Jul 2005, 11:18:01 PM

Hi Just wanted you to know I love your site - pictures are fantastic!
And of course your tat is gorgeous!!!
I just keep hoping he'll tour - I'll have to write him The Perfect Letter!!!
I've always been good with writing papers, etc, but I don't think I can find the words to describe what his music has meant to me over the years!
Take care.

Mary (aka Little Queenie)

23 Jun 2005, 10:14:15 AM

Diane Carmen

18 Jun 2005, 09:53:59 PM

It seems to me that our guys Afghanistan and Iraq deserve a song of their own. With compliments to Bob Seger:
In the World Again

On a long and lonesome highway, east of Kandahar,
You can listen to the engine moaning out its one lone song;
As you think about your woman and the son you hugged the night before.

But your thoughts will soon be wandering the way they always do
When your riding sixteen hours and there?s nothing much to do
And you don?t feel much like riding you just wished the trip was through.

Say, here I am, in the World again, here I am, up on the stage;
Here I go, playing star again, here I go, turn the page.

When you walk into a restless land, strung out, scared and cold,
You can feel their eyes upon you, waiting to implode,
You pretend it doesn?t bother you but you just want to explode

Most times you can?t hear em come, other times you can,
It?s the same old screech and scream, and then there?s one less man,
You just hope it?s not your number. You wonder, can you still stand?

Here I am, in the World again, there I am, up on the stage;
Here I go, playing star again, there I go, turn the page.

Out there in the spotlight you?re a million miles away,
Every ounce of energy, you try to give away,
As the sweat pours out your body like the music that you play.

Later in the evening as you lie awake in bed,
With the echo from the afterburners ringing in your head,
You smoke the day?s last cigarette, remembering what she said.

Now here I am, in the World again, there I am up on the stage,
Here I go, playing star again
There I go, turn the page.

Here I am, in the World again,
There I am, up on the stage,
Here I go, playing star again,
There I go, there I go!
The Wards

16 Jun 2005, 01:09:10 AM

I just purchased Bob's cassette>Nine Tonight< and I like every song! Usually when I buy, there is only 2 or 3 I really like-so KUDO's to Bob. He Rocks!!

Marilyn W. Lima,Ohio

15 Jun 2005, 12:26:17 PM

I have almost all of your cds. I am 45 years old and have listened to you for 30 of them. I have 2 girls, 8 and 10, and I have gotten them hooked on your music. Whenever I can't find one of my cds, all I have to do is look in their players and there they are.
Keep on rockin.

Greenbrier, AR

15 Jun 2005, 09:43:16 AM

I´m a great fan of Bob Seger and The Silver Bullet Band.Have I ever a chance to see him live on stage ?
Ragnar Homp

13 Jun 2005, 08:17:27 PM

You can't even imagine how much I LOVE YOUR MUSIC! I will totally knock someone out of the way to turn it up when you are playing on ANY RADIO where I may be. And when I am personally playing your music (which is OFTEN) you hear me coming for miles when I am in my car. I have my boss promising me a FRONT ROW ticket if you ever come back to Charlotte, NC. The closest I have ever been has been 8th row. Don't stop now - please tour again and make one of your stops here in Charlotte, North Carolina. Thanks for all you do for us fans!

Debbie Snider
Charlotte, NC

08 Jun 2005, 06:24:30 PM

Dear Bob,
Hope the cd is going well…remember rockn’ roll will never forget so keep on rockn’

03 Jun 2005, 07:42:17 PM

I'm 66 years old.I first heard "Night Moves" in 1979. No way to see ahead to the days of computers when I would have the opportunity to say to you that I loved "Ship of Fools" ever since I first heard it.I still think it's one of the most outstanding recordings ever made.It seems as fresh and new right now as it did then.
Best regards.I wish you good health and prosperity.


29 May 2005, 01:27:33 AM

I’m 56 and have been a Seger fan for most of my life. I’m from Utica, Michigan and remember seeing Bob in small clubs in the Detroit area during the 60’s.I have always been blown away by his sound and have been lucky enough to see him with Silver Bullet outdoors in his native state of Michigan a couple of times. He is awesome playing outside and believe he would pack them in again if he would just give it another go. His fan base has to be huge not just in the mid west but all over the country and many like me would make it a priority to see him if he’d just get out there.

Any new material now would be welcomed also. We’ve all been teased by the rumors of a new yet to be released album of all new stuff. I’ve been hearing about the new album now for several years and sure hope Bob will finally finish it and release it. I also wondered if any of his live concerts were ever filmed and made into a DVD. I for one would sure like to have one or several of his live performances on a DVD so I could watch him do his thing. No one does a live show like Bob no one.

Always watching for some news,
Roy Clason

26 May 2005, 08:31:43 PM

I just have to say that Bob has the most amazing voice . He has been a part of my life for ever. Iam 40 years old and the last time I saw Bob was in 1996 in New York. I was pregnant with my younger daughter who is now 9 and I have to tell you she knows every word to Turn the Page. I think both my daughters love his music as much as me. I would love for them to see Bob in concert .I know I would. All these other groups that are making a come back have nothing compared to Bob . I have a six cd player in my truck and eveyone of them has a Bob Seger cd in them. Come on Bob do us all a favor and get back to what you do best .sing !!!!!!!!

With much anticipation of a tour
your biggest and littlest fans
Joyce 40, Jessica 13, and Alyssa 9

16 May 2005, 03:55:14 PM

Hi , my name is Laura hinkle and I love Bob seger and believe he is the most talented singer and song writer of all time. I am 34 yrs. old and my fondest memory when I was young is listening to the radio blaring out of my house where my parents were jamming to old time rocking roll, when my dad got hooked on a song he got hooked. I use to stand up on a stool in our front room and put on a show for people when they come over and sing bob seger music and now when i clean my house I have to be jammin to bob seger, by the way I grew up in Detroit on 5 mile and lahser, and also my dad always copied bob segers hair and beard do.



I only carry one CD in my Chevy S10 Pickup - 9 Tonight I'm the same age, well you beat me by a couple of months. Keep On Touring.
Dave C.
San Diego


I've been a fan since, possibly, before the other posters were born.
now that MI weather is FINALLYH getting warmer, theres nothing than opening the car's windows all the way and leting Greates Hits II BLAST.
I would love, if it was possible, to wish Mr. Seger a happy birthday though i doubt a mailed card could, in any way, make it in time. His birthday is shared with my Papa, an 84 year old retired (needless to say) Detroit Fire Fighter of 40 years who also srver as a marine in WWII. Guess May 6 is a great day for GREAT PEOPLE to be born.



I remember listening to Bob on 8 track before I was even in school and my parents and my whole family still love his music today. I was listening to my favorite female singer from the same era the other day, Stevie Nicks, and I thought her and Bob should have did a duet together somewhere along the years because I think thier voices are a better match than Stevie and Tom Petty. It would be great to have atleast one song done by them together before I die.
Jason Allery


Hey whats up? My name is Dave and i play drums in a band. My band is really starting to get good and i think it is thanks to you. You are what influenced us to start a band and now we play the same kind of music as you. Before every show all of the members of our band listen to your music (its kind of a good luck thing). Any way i just wanted to let you know that i love your music and thanks from me and my band!
Dave 5/1/05 New Jersey


I've been a Seger fan for 29 yrs. I heard Night Moves in 1979 and I was hooked and still am. I'm still waiting for a new c.d. I read where he thinks he is to old to tour. Well Bob if u read this please know u r NOT old. And please consider touring one more time. And be sure u come to Memphis.
29 yr. fan Rosy


I'm a Seger fan from the end of eighties and try to follow his music since then but the last years it's very quiet around him. Now that I saw this mail service on the site, that's my opertunity to post some sentence to him. I started going to concert in 1986 and older friends of me who saw him in 1980 in Brussels still tell that, that concert is till now one of the best the saw. And they went to many concert even now.

So give me also the change to see him on stage somewhere in central Europe. There still an audience for him here, otherwise on a festival in the summer. For example Arrow Classic Rock festival in Holland. In the hope my dream come true I leave you now and keep puting the good music in the spotlight !
Greetings from Flanders !
Paul Jansen


Kevin , I just want to say thank you for giving us all hope that someday Bob might tour, I have listened to his music for a very long time i am a 26 year old from ohio and his music is i think the best of all time he is still rocken and i hope that he keeps on going.. ""Turn the Page"" is the song closest to my heart it has alot of meaning behind it and i would just love to hear him live and in person singing all his greatest hits.. As a young woman i would just like to say that Bob Seger is hot and always will be no mater what..



kevin awsome site i love Bob
im only 16 years old but i love Bob's musical talent and i would give any thing to see him in concert just once and so would my father for that matter we both enjoy his talent for music and if he ever gets a chance to come to wichita kansas i would with out a doubt go see him and drag along all my friends who are also fans which is pretty much all of them so bob if you read this by some chance and would like to come to kansas (LOL) there are plenty of people who would not mind paying to see you thanks

one of your biggest fans
The kid


I lived my teens and twentys with Bob Seger in the 60's and 70's and would also kill to see him in concert ONE more time, and he's the ONLY one I'd pay alot of $ to see. Everyone else is making (trying) a come back but Bob would be totaly different. People love him for being him, and if I have to see him just one time I'll go to Michigan and watch him sail in the races. Hope he sees all his fans have not given up on seeing him play again, remember your never too old to Rock and Roll,

Sally in Illinois


I think this site is good just hope bob seger plays on the road one more time im a big fan from Rhode island and would love to see him just one more time the band looked great at hall a fame well lets hope he can go on the road one more time

Joe from Rhode island


Hey Kevin:
Greetings from the beautiful shores of northwestern Ontario, Canada.....Just cruising the net and looking for tour dates and ironically "Katmandu" plays on the radio. I have been a long time fan of Bobby since the 70's. My favorite album is still "Night Moves".. brings me back to the day. I sincerely hope that Bob considers touring this year. I have seen alot of my favorites, but have yet to see Bob "live".

If Bob or anyone in his band reads this posting,, tell Bob we have even more beautiful lakes and even more beautiful people who love to rock and roll more than those east of TBAY. Hope to see BS&SBB rockin this summer...

Keep rockin this site Kev....

Verna from Northwestern Ontario


thank a lot for you answer.
I haven`t been a Bob`s fan up to now but after being really lucky and
hearing BS&SBB, I can not leave the chance for telling that Bob might
consider touring again.
I would like to be able to push Bob for performing music live, also I
suppose it is asking too much it would be great if he visit Madrid, at least
some place in Spain and have the chance in my live for enjoying a really
good music.
Nowadays it is difficult to be able to hear good lyrics and superb sounds at
the same time, even separately.

Thank you very much (from heart) for your work and giving us the possibility
for running away from reality and feeling well.

The very best
Madrid, Spain


Kevin I just found your sight here and wanted to thank you ..
Bob Segar is such a talented Writer/ Singer that i wish i could only have a fraction of his talent.
I also write lyrics (amatuer of course) but i know how much dedication i put into each song,
and then you have a man that Writes such amazing songs, it just awe's me.
Anyway, the reason for this letter is to mention that the Album that started me out being a
huge Segar fan is, "Stranger In Town". That Album is loaded with the best of the best if you ask me.
I think that the "Famous Final Scene" is the best song that Segar ever did, let alone one of the best
song's ever written.
I was just wondering if anybody else out the shares this with me, or do i just take this song to much to heart?
Possibly too much meaning to me?

Thanks for everything Kevin and what a great job you're doing here.
Take Care
Will K.


Hey Kevin,
Great site! I still remember when I was a young man looking for some more musical
energy when I heard "Ramblin Gamblin Man". I was hooked then and there, and it
just kept getting better and better with "Fire Down Below", "Her Strut", ect.
Nice tattoo, and I hear ya with the '50s & 60s cars. Raw Cool!
Thanks for the Little Feat nod also.
You have superb taste!!!


You have a great site here Kevin. What can I say about Bob Seger...I have
been listening to his music for the last few years. I have collected most of
his records, and have all of his CD's (after Live Bullet). Every single time
I put in a Bob Seger album it brings back so many memories. I still get the
chills when I listen to songs like Roll Me Away, Night Moves, and Against
the Wind even after hearing them a thousand times. The lyrics are so
powerful and moving, I just can't get enough. If I had the opportunity to
see him in concert that would be the most amazing experience. His music has
made me laugh, cry, and has basically been the soundtrack to a lot of
moments in my life. Thanks Bob for making such memorable, inspirational, and
moving music. Thanks to you also Kevin for giving me the opportunity write
this, your website is great...keep up the good work!

Joe P.


Hey Kevin, It's getting late at nite, going down memory lane, some of the best memories spent listening to Bob Seger ...
Everyone who REALLY knows me, knows this .... I have had the same reaccuring dream since I was around 12 yrs old,
me and my youngest brother travelling down to Minneapolis (500 miles) to see a Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band
concert. I cut my teeth listening to Bob & the Boys, older brothers, the turntable in the recroom, ah, the memories.
Back to the dream ... I inadvertantly lose my brother at the arena. Doesn't matter, BIG band, big city,
I'm hear to see Bob Seger, get out of my way. Well it's been twenty-eight plus years and I'm more than ready to
travel to see the boys. It's one of those MUST due situations .....
OK, we live up here in the north, cold most of the time, mosquitos drive us crazy, I'd be willing to sell the snowmobile
to make the trek to see the concert.
Any news on upcoming tour dates GREATLY apprectiated.
Life can be so unassuming if you do not follow your passions ....
seeing Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band is one of my big passions.

BIG time fan !!
Kim F.


Aloha Kevin! I love your site here. My husband I are long time Seger fans and would kill to see him in concert!
His music continues to touch my soul and I have his CD in my car right this minute. "Turn the page"
is my favorite song of all time. Thanks for sharing your pictures and other Seger items with the rest of us.

Linda Popp


Hi Just wanted to add my 2cents. We lived in Cleveland Ohio at the time.
I started listening to Bob Seger when I was in my early twenties.
He was the hot singer in our town and our click.
For my sisters birthday one year in 1978, as her birthday present,
I took her to see Bob at the Cleveland Stadium. She was pregnant at
the time with her second son Jeremy. Well, Frampton opened up and
then another band and then came the man. He was excellent. My sister went into labor.
I begged her to hold on for awhile. She did. We finally left cause the
pains got really strong but I took Bob with me in my heart to the delivery room that day.
I am sure my sister did too. My nephew was born around midnight that evening. It was a great day.

Thank you
Clair Evans
Tampa, Florida


Hello, I just wanted to say I think you have an awesome web site here!!
I am the lead singer in a local Toledo band and have been a huge, huge,
huge Bob Seger fan since I was a little boy.
Bob Seger has been such a huge inspiration on my original material
that I could never begin to thank him!!

Let me thank you, for all your hard work in creating this site and I am sure Bob feels the same way. Jaime Mills and The Avalanche Band!!!!!!


I am trilled to find your web site. I am trying to remember the first time I heard Bob's music.
It must have been about 30 or so years ago, when I was 13. I now have a 24 yr. old son.
I was thrilled when he asked me to purchase him a Bob Segar cd for Christmas.
I am not amazed that so many still love his music, and now it has been passed on down to our children.
I was curious to know if Bob is aware of this site ? I sure hope so,
and hope he can see how much his music is appreciated and missed.
I have just been on Ebay looking for his music for my son, however
there is nothing like the man in person. Bob if you can see this site,
you are deeply missed and loved. You may have stopped recording,
but your music will live forever. I just wish you happiness in any
and all you do. You would be very welcome in the state of Ks. anytime.

Thank you Kevin for giving me the chance to air and to know others feel the same.
I will mail a letter and I am hoping at least he will know how many feel. Have a wonderful holiday season.


Hi Kevin,
This may not be "frequently" asked.
How come, please, that Bob Seger was inducted into the R&R Hall of Fame so
much later than the Eagles? Remembering from my days of avid fan-ness that
Bob Seger was the guy who first gave Glenn Frey his help/advice when Mr Frey
was just starting out?

And all these years later, Main Street still makes my spine turn to water.

Sincere thanks. This is the first time I've visited your site and it's
given me loads of information.

Happy weekending,
Kimmie Edge
Isle of Man


hey kevin,
great tattoo

bs&sbb fan


I have watched the inductions to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame every year they
have been broadcast. One of the most heartfelt speeches has been Kid Rock's
induction of Bob Seger. He was a nervous wreck, practically in tears that he was
given the opportunity to induct his hero. Bob had this same impact on millions
of fans in the 1970's and 1980's. I was one of them. I don't know if Bob has
plans to record another CD of original material or go on tour. However, I feel
that he owes it to his fans to release two items:

1. A career-spanning box set, with heavy emphasis on the out of print material,
pre-Live Bullet. (4 CD's)
2. A concert DVD. Ideal would be a double disc with a complete concert from
around 1978 and another concert from 1986.
John Raymond Rochester, New York


Just a quick note , been like u a fan of Bob sgers for over 30 years.
Been away from his music due to unaviodable circumstances for some time
but tracked down and bought his Greatest hits from 1994v the other day
and again I'm totally hooked. What a voice, what lyrics, never heard better.
Dispute with good friends who think he may have toured Australia but I dont think he did.
Can u confirm either way. Interested in your thoughts.


I have been listening to Bob Seger since I was 12 years old in my friends
basement . I went to see him for the first time in Oct of 1980 and lost my voice
for four weeks I destroyed my vocal cord because I went to the concert while
recovering from strep throat . It was my first concert I had chances to see
other people but wanted to see the best first . I have seen him two other times
and each one was as good if not better then the other . I tell my kids all the
time if they listen to the live CD from the Oct 10, 1980 concert the nine
tonight one they can hear me singing each and every word ... I would love to see
him in concert again and would love it if he did the your living inside my heart
it has to be one of my favorite songs ever it makes me cry every time I hear it
.. I also love Till it shines . I would love to get a chance to see him in
concert at least one more time . I have heard that he is thinking of going out
again and that he has a new cd coming out soon .. This would be the best news to
me . I have a very special person I would love to take to this and also I would
love to go with my kids and my dearest and oldest friend ... Her and I have the
best memories to his song ..Main Street and We've got tonight all the best ones
thanks for the updates on him



Hi Kevin, It's great to see all the work you've done on Uncle Bob.
That's what we all called him when I was back in High School. I worked
at a hotel were they stayed in Louisville Kentucky after a show and got to
meet him very briefly. I have always thought him to be The best in Rock and Roll.
I always will. His music moves and haunts me to this day. It brings back so
many memories of good times had. The last time I got to see him was in 1996 in Tampa Florida.
When I got to hear Mainstreet, I truly came to tears. His music could move your soul. I hope it always does!!!!!!!!
I hope we get to hear from him again even if he doesn't tour.
I do believe I have seen him and the band more than any other group.
I've been to a lot of concerts through out the country but, he's always been the best.
God Bless our Country, Bob and the Band and forever Rock and Roll.

Robert Probus Dallas Texas 10/19/04


Hi Kevin,

I just wanted to say what an awesome site you have here.

I grew up listening to Bob Seger. He always takes me back to my childhood. I am only 27 but since the day I was born Mom and I listened to him. I hope the rumor is true, I would love to go and see him on tour. When I think of Bob Seger, he reminds me of the phrase American as apple pie.......... Thats Bob.

Thank you again for the great site, now I know where to go and get a fix lol.
Marcy T Humble, Texas


Great job and a lot of energy put into this site!
I have been a fan of Bob's since the late 70's and have most of his albums, expect 1 or 2 hard to find early discs, such as, Brand New Morning and Noah. Bottom line is, you make mention of getting Bob to tour again often in your site. I realize those chances are slim so I would rather know........ IS HE EVER GOING TO DO ANOTHER STUDIO ALBUM??????
It would be great to hear from him after only a handful of songs over the past 9-10 years. I am sure, as the great songwriter he has, he has more than just the few Greatest Hits add-ons and Chances Are lying around just dying to be recorded.

Anyway, thanks for keeping us all up on Bob!
Ed Bishop


Hello, Kevin. First of all, I have to thank you for your site. It is quite a work, and has provided me with a lot of information.

I didn't grow up a Seger fan, but I did grow up being heavily influenced by his music. My father was a C&W fanatic, and there were some rare artists on his playlist from the '70's and early '80's that actually crossed the line into something cool. At the top of that list was Bob Seger's work with the Silver Bullet Band.

I didn't really discover Seger, though, until the late '80's when I started to delve into the science of songwriting. For some reason, I kept going back to Seger's work for inspiration. His songs are so simple, yet so powerful. It took a very long time, but I put Seger's songwriting ability right up next to the likes of Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash, Neil Young, and, yes, Eddie Vedder.

That is where my question comes in. I love Seger's music, but my largest interest when it comes to Seger is his songwriting ability. It seems that anyone can cover a Seger tune and make it sound good.....not as good as Seger, mind you, but there is a certain mystique that surrounds the simple hook riffs of songs like Turn the Page, Main Street, and the like.

But I happened across an interesting find a few years back, and now I'm not so certain if my memory is serving me correctly. Upon searching through my mother's old 45 collection, I remember coming across one of those small vinyl recordings that accredited Bob Seger as the author of the song. I don't remember much about it, but it was on a Motown label. I could have sworn that Bobby Darin's "If I Were a Carpenter" (written by Tim Hardin) was the A-side, but I could be mistaken.

What I"m looking for is a comprehensive listing of songs that Seger wrote for the Motown label (or perhaps other labels) before making it big in his own right. His work ethic from the late '60's and early '70's is legendary, but he still had to make a buck while waiting for his albums to go platinum somehow...right?

If you could point me in the right direction, I would be very grateful. Forever a Seger fan:
Bryan K

Bryan, Most of his published works are on the albums he put out, including "If I were a Carpenter" which is listed in the albums section of the site. there are only a handfull of singles that are not. I will eventually get them listed on my site.


Hi there! Agian, I am one of Bob's most devoted fans. I live in Calgary, Alberta and I have listened to Bob since I was 12 years old. I am now 44. Long time for someone to dedicate thier life to someone. I do not have this kind od committment on any body else. As far as I am concerned, everybody else is one hit wonders, but, however, Bob will live on.............He rules the rock world 4-ever! As a matter of fact, it is 2:54 and guess what? I am listening to him. His song "Night Moves" is my most favorite. My son was born during this era.........Rock on BOb Seger and your Silver Bullet Band .....Nobody can top you, nobody

brigitte applegarth


Kevin: I just finished going over your site and the links to the Free Press......Loved it!
Growing up in Michigan (Alpena, Tri-Cities, & Kalamazoo), Bob Seger was as important in my life as the Michigan fresh air (currently live in Dallas, TX). Bob and I are roughly the same age and as a young high school and garage band musician, I have always related to his music. Today when my wife and I hit a kareoke bar, I'm up their doing Seger or Neil Diamond, both excellent writers and soulful singers. I hope he can compile "Live concert" DVD, I was at a store yesterday looking for one and didn't find one.

Thanks for the website, I like catching up on Seger and other Michigan happenings.
Al Crawford
Always a Michigander & Rock N Roller


Hi Kevin, I just ran across your site and I must say it is wonderful. I have been an avid Bob Seger fan for close to 30 years and will be til the day I die. His music has not only made me laugh, but has also made me cry. I can identify so much with what he has to say. I have had the pleasure of seeing him and the Silver Bullet Band 9 times with the last time being April 6, 1996 at the Key Arena in Seattle Washington. I pray he will tour again as I know he still has it in him. My children listened to his music while still in my womb and to this day they love his music. When we go on trips they ask me if I brought any “Bob Seger” music and of course I tell them YES! My kids are now 12 and 14 and can still rock out to his music, of course, not as much as me! His music has been such an inspiration in my life. I don’t know how I made it this far without it. I know his music as well as the Stones and the Beatles will still be around in the next 20 or so years and bands like “50 Cent” and “Nickelback” will be nothing more than change you get back from a dollar! Long live Old Time Rock and Roll!



Hello Keving! When I was a young girl, I grew up on Bob Seger and The Silver Bullet Band. Now at a young age of 33, I travel the long and lonely roads with my favorite music, Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band. I can listen to the music for hours on end.

Since I am a single parent, my children ages 17 and 9 they listen to the musice I grew up. When the music flows, my daughters use their listening skills and image the stories behind the music. If the hint of a TOUR is true I would love to take my daughters along to experience an unbelievable Band of my generation.

I pipeline for a living and when in camp or on the right of way in the FAR north of Canada, I can not go without Bob Seger and The Silver Bullet Band. I thoroughly enjoy Roll Me Away! When I hear the music, it inspire me and makes the work that much more enjoyable.

To my sister, Kathy, who is relocating to New Mexico from Alberta Canada, BS & SBB of course is the only travel music to play. Stock up and enjoy the ride!

Arlette McArthur


Hi Kevin I have just found your site very useful in some research I have just been doing. I noted your disclaimer on the album credits which reminded me that the credit for Old Time Rock and Roll was to the MSRS but apparently Bob couldn't get the feel he wanted with them and used the demo he was covering, which Jackson Highway had done for their own album. I heard this from one of the ex members of Jackson Highway who I met in Memphis when I was in the US last year.

I don't know if this info is any good for you and your website or if it can be substantiated by Muscle Shoals who have quite a good website themselves. There's a few bits of Bob on it.
Roy Middleton
Kent England


Hi Kevin,
I've been a Seger fan for a long time. I'm 49 and holding. I just wanted to share a story with you about Bob Seger and the band.
My oldest son, Allen, worked in a restaurant in Washington (Spiffy's) as a busboy in 1995-1996. He came home late on night after work and woke me up and was so excited he couldn't hardly contain himself. He said a tour bus pulled into the parking lot and a bunch of really tired looking people came in. He went out to the parking lot and saw it was Bob Seger and The Silver Bullet Band. He got up enough courage to talk to one of the group and said that his Mom was a fan and he couldn't wait to tell me that he saw them. A minute later, the guy he talked to came over to him with Bob Seger himself.
He chatted with my son for a while and gave him a look at the bus. My son was so impressed! He told me he was just like a regular person and a really nice guy. I heard my son tell this story to MANY people over the next few years. He instantly became a big fan. He went on to be a Journeyman Electrician by the age of 21. He was a fine, straight-forward, stand up kind of guy. The song "Like A Rock" could have been written to describe him. He was killed in a auto accident on August 5 2000. We played "Like A Rock" at his funeral and it's also inscribed on his headstone. Every time I hear the song I think of him and thank Bob for the song. He's made a lasting memory for my son and for me.

Jill Reese


Hi, been a avid Bob Seger fan since high school.
Traveled with a carnival for ten years and the main song for the closing of the day was TURN THE PAGE. Loved you guys then and love you now.
Listened to you on WMMS out of Cleveland, WSHE out of Miami, and the best one is KSLX out of Phoenix, AZ. PLEASE COME BACK TO PHOENIX, AZ. There is nothing like OLD TIME ROCK AND ROLL!!!!! My husband and I got together because of your music, we both love your songs! LOVE YOU
Randy and Kathie Lee


Hey There Kevin,
Just wanted to say that Bob Seger has been an inspiration throughout my life. I gre up listening to the music loud as hell and mom cleaning house. I had the privilage to see 9 concerts with my mom. Thank you for being a major part of my life.
Sueann Arens


Hi, well I am thrilled that I have found this site.
Myself and my husband are truly Bob Seger fans. We grew up listening to his music and when we hear his music today, it makes us want to get out and PARTY like we used to.
Since we are both in our 40's partying just isn't what it used to be. ha ha.
Anyway, I truly hope that Bob Seger does tour as I can picture an unbelievable performance. I'm excited just at the hint of a Bob Seger tour. I reside in British Columbia, Canada, so I hope Bob and his band can make a few stops here. Canadians are Great to Party with!!!!!!! Especially the over 40 clan!!!!!!


Hey Kevin,
I am a Seger fan of many many years. I live in a very small rural area in very Northern California. Some call it God's country. It is truly beautiful, not only the landscape but the people as well. We all grew up on Bob's music. A great big bunch of us. We know all of the words to every song ever recorded. He has had such an impact on my life and the memories in it. I am now a grandma ( a very hip grandma) and my 4 yr old grandson loves "nine tonight". Knows all of the words. It would be SO sweet if Bob toured again. I would be there in a second. I am going to check out your whole web sit now and good luck on getting the best man alive to tour again.


great site you have
here in france very difficult getting any cd etc in shops from bob seger, so amazone is ok! still, even knowing you dont answer these questions, i will still try by asking: what soundtrack/album/cd can i find song with :someone like you nearly married 35 years and want to surprise my husband with this song, being his favourite will you please help?
thanks from a very hot france(i live close to bordeaux on small farm with lots of dogs and horses too, yes i know i am lucky!!!!! best
sylvia liebrechts van peursem


I am a big fan also..I will get a letter out as soon as possible. Just wanted to say that it is a very cool tattoo..I like the website too.. like the old pictures..Keep up the good work.
One of his yooper fans,


I just wanted to say thank you for your site! I've been searching for info on any hint of an upcoming tour. I had to miss his last concert in Indy several years ago when we unexpectedly had to go out of town. I have decided that is one of those moments in life when you look back and say "I wish I could've......" My friends all know that I cannot have a party, cookout, road trip, vacation or anything without Bob Seger playing and a Bud Light in my hand. I will bookmark your site and spread the word. We will be looking forward to the day when we get on your site and see that a tour is planned!! Keep up the good work and we will get our letters out ASAP.
P.S. We are having our annual lake party this summer and would love to have Bob play there. He might be a little busy(haha) so, do you know (or anyone from your site) know of any good cover bands in Indy?
Thanks again! Jennie-Indiana


I have a lot of good memories connected with Seger's music. I just started listening to his music again recently and it still exudes the power and feeling that it always has for me. I was either too young or too poor to see him in concert, but have enjoyed his music as far back as I can remember, no matter what my mood.
This is a good site and I admire your dedication and effort you have put into it.

Austin, Texas


Hey, I've been with BS since ''70' , and maybe before....remember "2 + 2" ? I do! ,br> I saw BS live in Ypsilanti at Bimbo's, actual 2 times, another at 2nd Chance in A2, again in the Motor City, x 3...........
anyway, looking to see if BS is on tour so I can take my lovely wife of 25 years to a concert for our anniversary?????
Mike Hensley


hey just to let you know this old boy in pennsylvania is a big fan of bobs.your site is cool photos and all i thought you did a great job putting it together i will be checking it out more often.
from one fan to another
tracey taylor
from off the shores of lake erie erie pa.


Dear Kevin,
Just a quick line to say "thanks" for all the excellent info on your web page.

Sadly, from being in the U.K., we don't get full the appreciation and exposure of the 'Silver Bullet'.

I first came across Bob Seger & the Silver Bullet Band in July 1980 from a friends tape of 'Stranger in Town'. I was 13 at the time. From then it's been a case following the 'Silver Bullet' whenever possible.

If anybody knows when the band will tour the UK please let me know!
Your truly - a 'Stranger from outer Town'
Kind Regards,
Andy Gannon


Than you for making a sight,,yhat takes me back to the best days of rock,With all the rap,metal,pop,ect,, Its great to see that Segar's still rocking,,The pictures on your sight are really great to look at,,Whis I was there,,,


hi my name is Darlene im 43 years old a school bus driver. I have always been a true fan . the first time I ever lessened to a Bob Seger and the silver Bullet band was when I was a stripper to keep me and my twins together, a man gave me a album with the song down on main street said you don’t belong here and made me promise to lesson to that song ( down on main street) . I worked long enough to get money to move into Wayne county New York., I left Rochester NY. I made a life for me and my twins. I raised them alone 11 years ,then I met a good man and he adopted the twins . there now 22 years old .One went to Kuwait he is a marine. By the grace of Jesus he is safe back home in the USA.

Bob I know you will never see this letter .You have people read them but that song down on main street changed my life. the twins dad was on drugs beat me so I danced to get out. I have a good life all because of your song and a man I don’t know saw I did not belong there and gave me your alblum. God bless you all and your families



Hullo: At age 46 it's not too late I hope to say how much I've enjoyed Bob's music. I've been a fan since first hearing him at Cambridge in 1976 and the magic has never gone away. There's no other singer/band I can say I've listened to EVERY SINGLE DAY..for the past 25 years...May he and the Silver Bullet Band go on forever... Thanks for the music Bob.
Leah J. Melnyk


Hi Kevin, I thought I was the biggest Seger fan. It was great to finally find your site.Seger's music has been a staple in my life since Oct. 6 1980, the same show you were at. Althought it wasn't my first concert , it was by far the best , and I have seen a lot.At the end of the show I stood in the balcony , which was moving up and down from people jumping , with my chin on the floor. I have never seen a performer get a crowd going like that nite. I wished they had put Horazontal Bop on Nine Tonight ,it was great live. I feel fortuate to have been there. It took a lot of guts to record in that old place , not many could have pulled that off. They really hacked up Let It Rock on the CD, I'm on my 3rd copy of the cassette.Seger is the best live, I've seen him 5 times.Could you tell me if the Mansfield in 96 was his last concert and if Roll Me Away is a true story? Thanks for the great site, will be hitting alot.
Bob Younker
Salem N.H.


hi Kevin,
this may seem kind of impersonal but just wanted to share with ya. i'm 27 years old and for as long as i can remember there has been Bob Seger music in my life.I enjoyed viewing the photos on the site and reading the lyrics and what not.
i guess when it comes to the almighty Silver Bullet Band, you've really got your act together.
keep it up, Johnny




I really enjoyed your Seger Site. I've been a fan ever since I heard Live Bullet at a 6th grade dance (I'm 37 now). He always rocks Minneapolis when he plays here. Take care.


I first heard Bob Seger when I was attending college at westmar university. Some of his songs are so great but everytime I listen to them I feel sad. His lyrics are really strong and to top it off his voice matches the passion in those lyrics. It seems that when I listen to mainstreet, nightmoves, turn the page, against the wind and others, I am carried off into the past and how time carries and changes us all.

It was great to just hear somebody ramble off their true thoughts and feelings about time, women, and aging.

Thanks Bob
Jeff Simon Kansas City


Thank you for this site, I recently purchased a BS&SBB greatest hits album and I was suprised how many great songs were on there that I had forgotten about. The effect of any Bob Segar song I hear is the same..it transports me directly back to my Detroit rock city youth in the 70's and 80's, jammin' to WLLZ 98.7, and of course the Home of Rock and Roll WRIF. I was suprised to see that BS wrote all the songs which is basically unheard of in this day and age. Being not a baby boomer, but rather a Gen X'er, I have lived through quite a few changes in the rock/pop rock scene, and moved far away from Michigan. Much of the music is great (Nirvana/Pearl Jam), much of it is not so great. I guess it is summed up best in "Old Time Rock and Roll"....give me that old time Rock & Roll..hell yeah, it all makes sense now with some perspective.


I am so happy to have located this site. You made my night. I have loved the Silver Bullet band for many years. I can remember riding my schwin speed bike on the highway along the east branch of the Delaware River listening via earphones with cassette player hooked on my handle bars-1978-1980. Then in Dallas, Texas blaring Bob Seger's tunes @ the pool--also in Arlington @ home I purchased, hanging laundry and digging it. I absolutely love his group's music, and always will. A few years back I was on the road again coming in from NYC, and I heard he was giving a concert in Montage Mtn. PA that night, it was a Tuesday ngt. Man was I bummed , because had I heard a bit sooner I'd of done everything to get there. But, I was totally unprepared for that one. Besides listening to his music by purchase's or by radio-this SITE is exciting and I thankyou for offering enthusiastic joy; it has only taken 23 year's to see this much of Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band.

In common, Brenda From Deposit, NY


Hey man, just wanted to say great job on the Seger web page. I've been a fan for 23yrs. My wife says I'm oppsest with him and his music.
If I am I can live with that! Again, great job!
Keep up the good work, I will be a regular reader.
P.S. Thank you for doing this!!!

Cal Large


Bonjour : I a Detroit east sider from Chalmers - I-94 area , who now lives in Las Vegas . I used to see Bob at Notre Dame High School Dances , the Hide Out , the Crows Nest , etc.. I played Lead Guitar for Steve Farmer & Rick Lorber in the Amboy Dukes after Ted Left the band . I played on stage with Bob at the Red Carpet on E. Warren Ave . in Det. I'm sitting here listening to Bob right now , " Against the Wind " ! There is this commercial runnin on TV in the Las Vegas area . It's about a little boy who is telling his dad that he wants to be a Teacher when he grows up . Dad says to him , " wouldn't you like to be a doctor and make lots of money ? " The boy , prodigicly , says to dad , " yah , but dad , without teachers , where would doctors come from ? " I heard Bob say one time around the Tiger Stadium - Eagles " incident " , they don't want to hear my music anymore ". Bob is the teacher . All who are out there doin it right now have learned from Bob either directly or indirectly . Some teacher don't have it easy . Bob happens to have a very unruly class to teach , but teach he should , because some of his previous students have gone astray . The world NEEDS his particular slant on life in their ears . Build it and they will come . Play it and they will listed Bob . They need to so they have to , they will !!! Now I'm listening to " Like a Rock ". If you have an IN , get this to Bob . Take care .


In 1976 I was living in England and studying at Cambridge. One morning I heard a voice that sounded like canvas ripping, that gave me the shivers right down to my toes. I followed the sound down the hall and into an associate master's rooms. He had no idea who the singer was and it was only after contacting the local radio station that I found out who the singer was and the song was Night Moves. From that moment on I have loved Bob Seger's music. Delighted to know he and the band are still around. Great website. Thanks for the music Bob.
Leah J. Melnyk


Hi just a short note to thank you for your excellent site - well done !!
A Seger fan from Northern Ireland


dear kevin, I love... bob seger i thought i was the biggest fan i cry all the way through his concerts. my husband thinks i've lost it. i have listened to bob for about 25 years also. when i first got to go to a concert in phoenix i was so shaky i could'nt stand it. one time i went with a friend to michigan and her mom lived in lapier so she took me to his ranch and i could'nt even get out of the car. i'm sorry about your mom. take care cindy.




Just found your website today - thanks! I'm a Motor City boy born & raised who left for the Rockies many years ago who never forgot the music that helped me get through adolescence and sent me careening into life. Probably the biggest influence was (is) Brother Bob Seger in ALL his musical incarnations. The note that I want to send to you involves my childhood in Rochester, MI and Bob & the System living in a farmhouse out on Tienken Rd. just after they released Ramblin' Gamblin' Man - all of us teenage pot smokers loved having such a fine role model living in our midst and I can tell you that even after all of these years there is still a group of us who remember those days with fond (though hazy) memories....
If you talk to Bob, tell him we are waiting for him to revisit some fishing holes on the Yellowstone some summer soon! The drift boat is waiting & the cutthroats are rising - Rock 'n Roll Never Forgets!
Y'all be good now, y'heah?


Great web-site!! I just happened upon it today. I too have seen lots of concerts, but never a Bob Seger - Silver Bullet Band one. So I will keep in touch in hopes there will be one sometime soon. Everytime I leave town on a trip I pop in a Bob Seger tune for the road, they are the best!
Thanks for the entertainment!
MN Mermaid


Dear Mr. Seger and the Silver Bullet band,
I just want you all to know that you're music inspires me like none other. I'm 27, and I really relate to the lyrics & music your songs, Still the Same, The Fire Inside, & Roll Me Away. Honestly, those are some of the all time greatest songs ever. I'm from SF, and I'm just now starting with my music career. I don't care if I'm a late starter, I was born to do this and you'all have helped to keep burning...my Fire Inside. Thank God for you and God bless. -- Best,
Bradley D. Willard
Whiplash Productions
San Francisco, CA


My friends and i really like your website!


Hi. I was thrilled to find your site today. I am a huge Bob Seger fan. In fact, my youngest child is actually named Seger. I have been a huge fan all my life and have had that name picked out for many years. I hope that Bob will be touring soon so that I can take my children and younger brother to a show. Keep up the good work. Sincerely, Amy Jones


Hi Kevin,
Don't know how active your site is, but reading Doug's recollections brought back many fond memories of the tour. I was the chief pilot for about 50 cities, and really enjoyed my time with the band. It was the first time Bob had toured extensively with an aircraft, and some band members were really nervous in the beginning (CRAIG FROST!!!!!!) but as we worked our way around the good ole USA everyone got comfortable with the speed and convenience of our Gulfstream I, I've been flying for 35 years, and the 96 tour was by far the most fun I've ever had!!!!!!!!!! Hope Bob will decide to do it again some day, but it doesn't look too likely, anyway keep up the site.
Ben Jungman


Just wanted to say that I feel that Bob Seger is by far the best R&B rocker there ever was, or, ever will be. I, as a retired rock musician have performed many of his songs, and recieved very good response from my audience. I would like to thank Bob Seger for being the most positive influence in my past musical career.
Pat Jaquin


I thoroughly enjoy visiting this web site...the only thing that compares is listening to Bob Seger, the greatest rocker of all time! A fan since the 70's I've seen Bob live 4 times, the last time was at Miami Arena in February 1995. He was as awesome as ever, and the place was packed! He and the Silver Bullet Band need to plan another tour, and make South Florida, where he is LOVED, one of the tour stops. Keep up the great work on the website!
Sue Spruce, Ft. Lauderdale


What an awesome site!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much for this. I have loved Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band for 21 years. I have been fortunate to see him three times in concert. I am proud of this effort.
I plan to log on to your site very often.
C K Ward


Seasons Greetings, Just found your website,Yahoo. One of the earliest I can verify seeing Bob was at Ford junior high school for .50 cents about 1967.His drummers drumset included these kettle drum skins that reached up from the floor and twisted over his head so the skin s surface actually faced down over him so where ever he flailed his arms he was hitting some skins.One could occasionally see him at "the Town Pump", a local pub in Walled Lake Michigan.He'd be in there just for some drinks.It wasn't far from the Ford plant I believe he had worked at in the '60's.This was in the early 70's as he was living in the Walled Lake-Waterford Michigan area at the time.I'd seen him at the Grande Ballroom about this time.I myself worked at Cobo Hall in downtown Detroit about this time,1972-1974,and I worked every Rock show there and at Ford auditorium during this time.I've been to Ted Nugent houseparties and met Meatloaf in 1969 when I worked for the live play "Hair".SRC{I.m so glad] was one of many Detroit area groups that jammed in our homes basement as we had a permenant set-up.But this is about Bob Seger.I have my original 45's of East side story,East side sound,Heavy Music,Persecution Smith, many others that no one in New Jersey has ever heard.His Capitol records Greatest Hits was a Disappointment without so many of his early accomplishments.[Ford junior high was in Livonia,Michigan]I also seen the WHO at Southfield H.S.{MI} in 1967.Please call back and feel free to give my address to any Michigan rockers.I'm presently in Atlantic City. Cowabunga, Dan Murphy


Hi, My name is Kelly.I am barely 16 years old and I like Bob Seger.When I met my boyfriend about a year ago he introduced me to Bob Segr music.It was so catchy and great to listen to that I fell in love.I found your website the other day and wanna thank you for a website like this.It honors a man who truly deserves it.On behailf on my boyfriend I would also like to thank you because he ,I think,is the biggest Bob Seger fan alive.I think he has been listening to him his whole life.His dream is to see Bob in concert.But anyways just a big thanks from a little girl!
sincerly, KELLY


I just found your site and I love it!
I lost my hearing ten years ago when I was 26 years old. I have recently had a Choclear Implant which allows me to hear again (sort of). With this implant, I will need a lot of rehabilitation so that my brain can re-learn to hear. Music has been a tremendous frustration for me because it just doesn't sound the same as I remember it.
Then I heard "Night Moves" on the radio and I literally cried. It was EXACTLY how I remember it and after finding your website with all the lyrics, I'm on my way out the door to find every BS&SSB CD that I can.
What a great way to ring in the New Year, Thanks so much!
Lisa H.


Great fan page on my favourite artist.
Only unfortunate thing is Bob Seeger never made it to Australia. Being such an sparsely populated place we do not have enough radio other than those that pay the usual pop tunes so Bob Seeger never got the airplay he deserved aprt from a few singles.
Keep up the good work, have bookmarked.
Brendan Scanlon, Australia


Hello, It's great to see that there are other dedicated fans out there. Fans that may be even more interested than me in Bob's work. At times I can't get enough of his music. If you learn of a possible tour, please post it or let me know of it.
Bob rules, Thanks for the site,
Matt Coyne


Greetings from another Kevin, and Bob Seger fan in Pekin, Illinois. I have seen everyone from Aerosmith to ZZ Top, but, regrettably, have never gotten to see Bob. I have grown up with Bob's music. Hell, 'Sunspot Baby' was the best medicine possible for my first girlfriend who used my credit cards and stomped on my heart. His music is as much a part of our musical heritage as the Beatles or the Stones and I am thrilled he has a shot at the Hall of fame...he belongs there.
Regards, Kevin Cole Pekin, Illinois


I have been a fan since I first heard the Beautiful Loser album played on the radio. Bob Seger puts on one of the best live shows that I have ever seen, and no matter how many time I have heard the song "Turn the Page" I never get tired of it. I hope that one day Bob records a CD with one of the still living Blues legends, like Eric Clapton did with B.B. King. Whether it is Blues, Funky-old Sole, or that Old-time Rock 'N Roll, Bob is one of the greatest!!!! Larry Oliveto


Thank you for your effort in putting B Seger's lyrics online Genevieve


I found your site today and spent over an hour enjoying it. I have been a devoted seger fan for many years! Have been to several of his concerts when he was in the Charlotte, NC area. His brother Charlie worked and lived in Salisbury, my home town and ALWAYS gave us concert tickets! My X-husband was more of a classical music fan, and always "rubbed it in" that I was a "redneck and listened to redneck Seger Music". Seger's music took me thru a lot of lonely nites. There were times I would drive for hours in the middle of the night with my coffee and Bob Seger. I honestly think my time alone, thinking and listening to his wonderful music, kept me from loosing my mind! My only son is 13, and is now a devoted seger fan! While all of his friends are listening to what the average 13 year old is listening to, my son always has seger on! And the kicker is that, the x-husband is now a seger fan also! Many, many thanks for your hard work and dedication to this website! Lock and Load! Renee


Kevin, Great site. I am a long time Bob Seger fan as are all of my friends. Anyways, our favorite bar is closing (been around since the 1920's). We (as well as our parents and their parents etc, etc) have shared so many great moments and memories there, one of which is blasting Seger on the jukebox. The closing night is a week and a half away and to send it off appropriatly, I want to play and sing THE FAMOUS FINAL SCENE at last call. However, I can not find tabs anywhere (Amazon, EBAY). Any suggestions or you would not happen to have them? Neil Deininger


Hey- Its ok for you guys in the U.S. What about us poor brits its years since bob played here and then only two dates Anyway looking for info- Are there any official Seger videos available in the US, if so where can I purchase them? Also is there any sign of Noah, Brand new morning and Back in 72, being released on CD?. Didn't know they existed till I found your site,although I picked up a promo single which said taken from the album Back in 72 Any signs of a tour taking in England? Thanks for any Help Getting old but "rock and roll never forgets" Les


Hi Kevin Congratulations on your fantastic site. It has taken me ages to find a site on Bob Seger. Unfortunately we don't get to hear anything much on Bob down here in Australia except when a new albumen is released . We are planning to go back to the states soon and hope to incorporate a concert of Bob in our travels. Please keep us posted of any tour dates in the States or Canada as I don't see him ever coming to Australia. Keep up the FANTASTIC work. Jacinta at Jacintamcvic.australis.com.au or rmc1954@hotmail com.au


About 5 years ago I worked at a CD store and they were advertising Bob Seger's 50th birthday, and I thought he was just another aging rocker. I was familiar with him and The SBB only because my father had a guitar music book of him.
About a year ago I heard the Travelin' man/Beautiful Loser combo...I fell in love. It is now my favorite song, and any time I here anything by Bob, I crank up the radio.
I know I don't have the fan history, heck I wasn't even in grade school when he was doing his major touring, but I just wanted to let you know.
ps (excellent job on the web site!)


OHHHHHH MYYYYYY Godddddddd! I thought I was the only Bob Seger freak!!! Just kidding. I live in Music City USA. The wonderful town of Nashville. My dad took me to my first BS concert in 1976. I am now 39 years old. I returned the favor when BS last played in Nashville, my treat! 1993 or 1994. We all lose a few brain cells. Bob is here from time to time, but then again you probably already know that.
Just wanted you to know how great I thought the website was. Very tasteful. Enjoyed the photos.
Keep up the good work.


Hi, I have just finished reading the info on your 'Bob Seger' site and found it really interesting.
I have been a Bob fan for years; now entering my 40th year so it has been awhile!!.
I have been trying to purchase a copy of the album 'Against the wind' (Feb.1980) but over here in New Zealand it seems darn near impossible; and as I have just purchased this computer and learning the in and outs of cyber world I will have to get some more practice at trying to locate sources/bidding on the internet. Any help you could give me on recommending a good source for albums would be really great.
Keep up the great work; I truely enjoyed your site.
Cheers Jan


hey dude, just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your Seger site. I'd like to include it on my webpage if it is okay with you? He is totally awesome. Have any ideas when or if he is doing a tour? I live in the Pittsburgh area. Thanks for all your hard work on the site. Excellen job!!!! Peace and love, Chapin. P.S. I have linked this to my page, if I don't have your permission, please let me know and I will IMMEDIATELY remove it!!! CHUCK DA BIG DAWG


Hi, I'm glad you have this I have been a Bob Seger fan for a long time. I love his music and I love his concerts. And I hope he will be back to Columbus real soon. There's no singer that can match him. Susie Jones


TO THE BAND......... Hi my name is Emily and I live in Oklahoma and I listen to your songs all of the time! We love you in Oklahoma! I went out and bought your Greastest Hits! I think you guys are one of the best bands in history! YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME!!!!! Emily OK



I just read over your page on Bob Seger. Being from the Flint area I too, grew up on Bob Seger. Love the guy and the band! I got to see the final concert of his 1986-87 tour where he ended up at Joe louis Arena. It was fantastic ! but not as neat as being able to go Back stage to the party afterwards.

My husband worked with Craig Frost's cousin @ the Buick City Complex in Flint. It was terrific. The Georgia Satellites opened up for him. At the party we met everyone except for Bob Seger. Still it was a night to always remember and I have !!! Nigt Moves is one of my favorite albums but Ramblin Gamblin Man is still my favorite song!!!

Keep up the good work!

Another life long Bob Seger& the Silver Bullit Band FAN!!!!!

Michelle Olmstead

Flint, MI



Thanks for all of the work that you put into your website - it's pretty cool.

Do you know if Bob Seger is planning to tour during 2000? If so, do you know if Karen Newman is scheduled to tour with him (I sure hope so!!!!).


Tom Mellnick


Hello Kp,

I was just looking at your nice website on Bob Seger and I was wandering if you knew if the band was going on tour anytime soon. I do not have a clue where to go to find this out and I thought you might had an idea. Doesn't hurt to try. Well, I'd appreciate an answer because I too am a huge fan.


Melissa Smith

Galesburg, Il


great site. i was just trying to get a message to bob seger.

my name is buddy henke from waterford michigan. i've been

a loyal fan since 68. we hung out together for about a year.

just wanted to say all is well with me. i'm alive and well in

ocean city md.



first saw Bob Seger in a show in 1965. I was immediatley awed by his command of the stage and of his audience. I have never wavered in my Love of his music, and the sure belief that he was then and still is

what Rock and Roll is all about. I think that the reason that he is not in the place of honor that he should be is because, unless you see him live, you cannot realize how great he and the band is.

I want to thank you for a great website. I am glad that there is a place I can turn to to find out what is up with Mr. Seger.

Thanks again,

Michael Camerino

P.S. You should see this copy of Stranger in Town album that I have with Bob Segers pictured in the album, one of my most prised possessions.


Dear Kevin:

Thank you so much for your site! I have my Bob's greatest hits playing even as I type. What a talent he is. He's been my favorite since my big brother gave me his Night Moves album to listen to back when I was 9 years old. My friend and I used to lip synch and dance to his amazing tunes down in the basement for hours on end...ah, what great memories.

I have a very important question for you Kevin. Can you get back to me with an answer to this question...


Thanks so much again and hope to hear from you.




Just a quick note from Holland. I received my order for the rereleases of NIGHT MOVES and LIVE BULLET and to my surprise they are limited collector's editions, digitally remastered and best part is that they are in an original album packaging like the old vinyl albums, just smaller (like a cd). NIGHT MOVES is a single sleeve and LIVE BULLET a double sleeve.

Just thought you'd like to know.

Best wishes from Holland

Jos Siemers


Do you know if Bob Seger or The Detroit All-Stars will be performing anywhere this New Years' Eve? Please let me know if they will be performing anywhere as I would very much like to attend. I have been searching on Ticketmaster but have yet to find an awesome rock & roll party.

If Bob and company are not performing would you please recommend a Millenium-sized event in Michigan or nearby.

Thank you and Happy New Year!

Hi Kevin:

Excellent job on the web site!!!

What I'd like to know is if Bob is doing any shows in the northern U.S. or in Canada any time soon.

If you could let me know I'd really appreciate it. Bob rocks!




Love your site! I've been a big Seger fan and follower

since his Ann Arbor days. I just want to pass on that

there have been a number of back up singers in the

past, not just the 3 that you mention.

Marcy Levy was one of the first to work with Bob. She went on the tour and record with Leon Russell, Eric Clapton, Smokey Robinson and numerous others. She co-wrote a number of Clapton hits including 'Lay Down Sally' and recently recorded with Elton John in England, her new home. She was part of the successful duo of "Shakespere's Sister's" and is now recording solo.

Kathy Lamb, Coleen Beacon, Pamela Moore, and June Tilton were all part of the "Against the Wind" tour in1980. Lamb and Beacon are both Detroit singers and did the first part of the tour and the Detroit shows featured in the "9 Tonight" live album. I'm not sure what they are doing now. Moore and Tilton did the second part of the tour including the European tour and are featured in the Boston show selections on "9 Tonight". Moore went on to record and tour with Meatloaf and Tilton became a session and commercial singer in Los Angeles and more recently, Nashville.

I hope this info will be helpful to you. Keep up the good work! SEGER ROCKS

Mary O'Sullivan








Dear Kevin, I am a thirty year fan of Bob Seger, I came down here to Tahiti with my infant son, in 91 we found a home & never looked back.......except that I only brought a couple of my favorite tapes of his along not realizing that it would be impossable to get anything down here. We live on a tiny island of only 5000 persons and the french have never been to hep on anything that isn't french so.....

I didn't even know that there had been another tour after the American Storm till recently a friend brought me the Greatrst hits. Lord we don't even have electricity. This laptop was a gift from heaven and it's put me in touch ( at a great distance thank you very much) One of the first things I'd was hit the wab in search of news

About my Idol. You site was by far one of the best..............

My Mom was a fan of Bobs too, she was a Phd in music & one of the greatest compliments she ever payed a rock muscian was to say that the thing she appreciated most about his music was that it was always musically correct.......,

Keep up the good work Kevin.......Tell Bob & the Boys that, If they ever want to come to Tahiti for a vacation that on the island of Huahine there is a wonderful

Vanilla plantation with a small camp ground bed and breakfast that would love to host them and their families.................Always Louise Temaiana


Hi! There is a song by Bob Seger in a movie called "About Last Night". The song is " You're Living inside my Heart" I just got online a few months ago, and hope you can help me find out how to get a copy of it.My 20th anniversary is coming up soon and that song means alot to me.

Thank you, Barbara Kennedy



Finally I found a Bob Seager great site that I was looking since many months ago.

I got to see Bob at the Boston Garden in 1980 and since them I really became Bob Seager fan. That was a great concert, I think the best one he played in Boston.

I have one question to ask you to see if you can help me. I have been looking out in the market trying to find any Bob Seager live Concert Videos but it has been so difficult to find. Could you please help me to find this Concerts Videos because I would like to remember old times concerts. I will really appreciate this favor from you.

Thank you very much and keep it up with this great page of the greatest Bob Seager.

Rick Gomez



Hoping you can send me an e-mail regarding concerts...is Bob Seger even on tour right now, or do you know if he will be in the future. I've seen him 3 times...fantastic every time!!! I'm a huge fan and have been since I was a little kid.

I live in the Toronto area. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much.

Kim Smitten


Hi Kevin,

I am a fan of all of Bob Seger's music because the lyrics relate to so many situations I have come across in my lifetime plus the music that goes with them is great. The songs have brought me solace or pumped me up on too many occasions to count. What is it that draws you to Bob Seger's music? I hope this is not too personal, I'm just a little curious.



Could you tell me when Bob Segers will come in Spain to give a concert? Or where and when in Europe?

Thanks a lot, marianne



I really appreciate the time and energy to build this site. Wow what a history Bob has. I guess the only way I know to describe his music is that it just makes me feel good. None of his lyrics are full of the violence and vulgarity that are so common today. I am currently a stay at home dad and my kids are always bringing me one of BS/SBB CD's to play. It is kind of nice to see my kids liking the music I grew up listening to. I guess the real reason for emailing you is to find out if you have Bob Segars email address. I actually met my wife at a dance and our first song that we danced to was 'The Page'(not saying that was the key but 4 months later we were married and have been for 8 years). Not to blabber to much but we decided that we would really like to invite Bob and his family out to Utah to do some skiing this winter. I guess its the least we could do forsomeone who has entertained us for so long and in a way helped us meet.

Kevin P.




Just visited your web site...excellent! I have most albums and have been a fan for years. I have every intention to come to the US when he next tours. In fact my dream is to come to the East Coast, by another Harley Softtail, (I have one here) and cruise the US following his concerts, I guess fat chance that he would come to Aus in his schedule.

I gotta say that when I read in one of the emails about guys doing covers there is on Band called the "Bud Moffat Band" that does a good job. I saw him at a rock cafe in NY about 10 years ago.The cafe had a huge mosquito strung up in the middle...can't remember the name.

Anyway, I play little and would love to get my hands on the music for You'll accompany me, could you please point me in the right direction.

See ya

Robert in Australia


Thanks man for the great Bob Segar site. I was looking for the lyrics to You'll accompnay me. I found it.

Thanks Vincent


Hi Kevin,

do you see any chance to get the lyrics of 'Chances Are', Segers song from 1998?. I'm German and sometimes I get problems to understand what he is singing. I just have some parts of the lyrics.

Let me know. Thanks & best to you,



Hi, Kevin.

Came upon your Seger/Campbell website. Your enthusiasm seems genuine! I met Chris Campbell on November 3, 1970. He was playing with the Bob Seger System at the time. The gig that night was at the Comerford Theater in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania. Jethro Tull was also on the bill. I was 17 years old at the time and my friend and I were covering the show for my high school newspaper. Eventhough we were just kids, Chris treated us really nice that night and we liked him instantly. I've got a rare "posed" polaroid photo of the band that I took back stage that night (actually in the basement of the theater where the dressing rooms were). Included in the photo are Bob, Chris, et al and their manager at the time.

I also remember talking with Bob that night. Though we thought he had "made it", given the success of "Ramblin' Man" (to us, it was monumental success!), it was clear to see that he had greater aspirations. Though he was grateful for our compliments, he knew there was a much longer road that needed to be traveled yet and that he was nowhere near the big time. The burning desire was there; he just didn't know how it was all going to come together yet. You could see it in his eyes and hear it in his voice. Given his huge success in the years that followed, I have often thought of that night at the Comerford. It was one of those once- in- a- lifetime moments to interact with a guy on his way to the top; when the best was still to come. I still have the original promotional flyer from that show and I believe somewhere in my reel to reel audio tape "archives", I've got a good portion of that show live on tape! 29 years ago!

I'll soon be 46 years old, but it doesn't seem like so long ago!


Edd R.



Hi there!

Found the site I´ve been looking for in years! Have been a fan of the BS&SBB cince I heard the "Stranger in town" for the first time in 1979. My old LP is in vinyl heaven now, joined by the "Against the wind" Have finally located them on CD thanks to you. :) Keep up the good work, and hopefully I´ll find his tour program on this site soon. (No chance that he will tour Europe??)

Rock´n´roll never forgets!




Hello Kevin, I was just at your site searching for info. I have a bizarre question for you, maybe you can help me. I need to know if there is any documentation on Bob Seger ever "humming" (thinking about) a particular song from 1962, as the lyrics suggest. And if so, what song??~LOL~

I know this is rather odd, but trivia is just my weakness!!~LOL~ Any help greatly appreciated.




kevin, i'm a seger fanatic from way back- can you spread the word i'm looking for NOAH,BRAND NEW MORNING and BACK IN '72. also i saw somewhere in your e-mail section somebody asking about THIRD POWER "BELIEVE" ALBUM. i'm a proud owner who would be happy to help out that person . please post.

thank you. mike


Thanks for a "Bob Seger" site. Like many others who love Bob Seger music I am really frustrated by the lack of choices to purchase. I would love to find "Noah" and "Back in 72" on CD, but; hey forget that I can't even findthem on vinyl anywhere. I have finally destroyed my old copies listening to them thinking that Capitol would eventually release them on CD but no chance so far.

Do you have any ideas where I might find either of the above mentioned titles on CD, especially "Back in 72".

I live in China (formerly New Mexico & California) and mail order will be my only hope.

Thanks for your time and appreciation for Bob Seger!


Richard Laney


I can remember listening to bob seger on a 8-track tape player in the heart of Indiana(Marion). That was the happiest times of my live. Even now when I think about those great times, living in the country, huge farm house, those were the best of times. I'm grown now with a family of my own, we still listen to Bob. The other day, my daughter and I were in the car, TURN THE PAGE, came on, as it played, I told her the words to the song, and she loved it. Here is another generation growing up with the same great music I did. Through the good times and the bad, his songs helped me through it. When I get homesick, I play LIKE A ROCK, over and over. This is the best web site I've been to. Keep up the good work.

Many thanks,

Stacy Seabolt,


Kevin, Loved your webpage, came across it doing research for a question that was asked in an email to my webpage http://1964.lakeshore.8m.com. The email asks if Alto Reed graduated from our school - Lake Shore, St. Clair Shores, MI. After seeing your page, I was pretty certain you would know or have the ability to find out.
I was in the USO at Selfridge AFB until 1967 when I married my husband who was stationed there. I now live in Biloxi, MS but get homesick from time to time (only in the summer). Linda


I'm only twenty five, but my memories of Bob Segar date back to my highchair days. My father was one of the prominent radio personalities of the '70's and '80's.
I grew up in Canada, without the Southern bikers, Route 66, Casinos, or even Hollywood, but I could see it through the music. My early childhood memories include my father cueing the turn table at the station, and lipsinking "Hollywood nights", while millions more played their air guitars, and drums.

15 years after my father's death my daughter watches me cue up "Nine Tonight" on my turn table ( Because LP's are the only way to listen to Rock and Roll). She's beginning to tap her feet.

I guess the great thing about Bob Seger is that all our children will go through their phases (meaning Rap, Hip Hop, Baggy pants) but we all know that one day they will put the leather jacket on, cue the music and do what millons saw Tom Cruise do.

Thank you for the site!!!!!



I just finished looking at your tribute to Chris Campbell, now I'm strolling through your unofficial Seger site. Don't you realize I have work to do? Just kidding. On a more serious note, you've done a great job on the site, and it's really cool to see the interrelation with the various members of the band. My tastes run the full gamut, from rock through r&b to electronica to dance. However, no matter where you roam, you always come back to your first love, and there isn't a day that goes by without just a pinch or a full course of Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band. I can't wait for the new CD, and hope for a Toronto date on the tour (full value for the money their concerts). I even wish I could shake their hands one more time (which if the tour is in 2000, would be twenty years since the last time). All the best to you and to the band.



being a dedicated Seger fan myself, I was under the impression I knew all there was to know about him,and his music. I've been plunkin' around the internet for almost a year now, and this truely is the best site i've seen. thanx for the entertainment.


5/12/99 10:36 am

I think your website is excellent. I have a question though...where can I find a COMPLETE list of Seger's CD's?? My sister lives out of town and every so often we pick an artist and buy eachother all the cd's available. I live in MI and it's so hard to find them....the "Seger" section is always empty...he rocks!! If you can help I'd greatly appreciate it!!

Thank you,


5/7/99 1:07 pm


Great site!

Bob is near and dear to our family's hearts, not only are we big fans, my wife (Ann) is related to him! My Wife's Dad's Niece is Bob's Mother-in-law, Juanita, and she was over to our house for dinner this week while she was in the Washington DC area. We love hearing the stories of Bob as told through her! During his 96 tour we were lucky enough to meet up with him, Nita and the band after his DC show. Even had some photo Ops!

As most fans, we are waiting for any tour announcements....Juanita thinks it will happen, just not sure when!

Take care and keep up the great site!

Jeff McWhirt

5/3/99 2:04 pm

Love the site. I can't tell you how disappointed I was when GH's came out; that same week Pat Benetar got a 2 CD retrospective. I've been waiting for a box set, because the man deserves one. Any word? Or do you know if they intend to remaster the CDs? Thanks, Dan

5/2/99 5:52 am


the site is excellent, well done. Do you think it likely that Bob Seger will tour the UK ?


Lawrence White


I really like your website. It's obvious that you've spend a lot of time and effort on perfecting it. The one thing that I didn't find, however, were song lyrics. I'm sure you get these kind of emails all the time but I've looked up and down the Net in search of lyrics to BS&SBB songs and I can't find any. If it's not too much of a problem, would you mind letting me know if there is such a site that includes lyrics? I would greatly appreciate it. If not, thank you for your time and keep up the good work on your website. It's nice to see that you update it frequently. I've visited sites that haven't been updated in years!

Janelle Boewer

This email inspired many hours of work on the Lyrics section. Thanks Janelle, I guess?

3/8/99 1:30 am

Dear Kevin,

I know that the chances are slim and none, but I would love to see Bob and the Band come to Roanoke, VA. Bob has been my FAVORITE since the first time I heard his music. I won't say how many years ago that was!

I have never had a chance to see one of the concerts. IF you have a chance to talk with "THE MAN", ask him to please come to Roanoke. I think he has been here before and it sure would be wonderful if he could pass this way again.

The greatest thing I can imagine would be to hear Bob singing "Turn The Page". Just Bob, without all the clutter of instruments, microphones and a crowd. I can see him sitting on a dock, fog rolling in and he's just singing to himself. (Would make a beautiful video.)

Well, enough wishful thinking. Take care and keep up the good work. I keep up to date on your site, it's always interesting!

Holly Spangler

2/25/99 4:57 pm

Hey Kevin -

Just thought I'd pass along that I think you've got a great site here. Very informative and current. Thanks for your hard work.

My husband, Bob & I are Big fans of Seger. When I was pregnant with our first child we agreed that after narrowing the list of names that if it was a boy, my husband would get the final name choice and if it was a girl the choice would be mine. Cole is a little over a year now and the apple of our eye.

Thanks again - bjcgoodwn

2/20/99 10:36 pm


What an awesome page!!!!! I checked it out once I got settled in from Maryalice's Creative Memories Workshop this morning. I've also bookmarked the page in my "favorites" section to keep myself updated.

Keep up the great work!


2/20/99 9:28 am From ScottB. King

Really enjoyed your site. Longtime fan who has seen the band 6 times. Always a great show. Can't wait for the new album. Later!

2/20/99 12:43 am

Dear Kevin,

I've been checkin' out some sites about "BOB", and am really surprised at some of the stuff on them! One site says that SOME DUFFUS named Butch Willis, compares himself with Bob Seger. I hate to "burst his bubble" but, THERE IS NO ONE LIKE BOB SEGER!!!!!! This guy is out of his gourd. Just wanted to let you know that you have the best site I've found. It's really good.

Thanks, Holly

2/20/99 6:29 pm


This is ONE GREAT SITE!! For us Segerphiles, we THANK YOU! I have never traveled to see Bob, but have never missed any appearance when he is here in Detroit. I grew up with this man and wish he would tour more often. I have spoken to him once or twice, my husband and I share the same marina in St. Clair Shores, MI. It's like a small reprieve from Seger Withdrawal whenever we can catch a glimpse or a short Hello!

Thanks Again, keep us updated!!!


2/18/99 7:57 am From: Ferril13

Kevin, I love the site. I am also a long time Seger fan. Can't wait for a new album. I also enjoy Scott's Seger File. It's nice to know that you do not have to rely on commercial outlets for the latest on Bob.

Also, can you offer any suggestions on how I might get a copy of the video Like A Rock. I have a partial which was captured from VH1. I'd love to get a real good full copy. The video was awesome. If you are about 50 years old (as I am) and you ever owned a 60 ish vette you can not help but love that video. I would really appreciate the info. Keep up the good work.

2/16/99 8:19 am


You wouldn't happen to have an outlet for "Noah", "Back in '72", or "Brand New Morning" would you. I have been trying to find copies of these for a number of years now, to no avail... I hate the thought of bootleg copies but if these are no longer available, it may be the only way.

Thanks in advance,

Mark Bennett Brown

2/14/99 11:31 am

~ Kevin,

I just wanted to let you know that I thought your web page was the best I have seen. It was full of things that I was searching for; i.e. where to find some of the old vinal recordings.

I have been a devout Segar fan since an early age, sitting on my front porch step, as a child, and hummin the tunes. Ever since then his music has always struck a cord with me. I missed the chance to see him in 96, and have since thought that the opportunity of seeing him live again would never be realized. I have no neat story to tell, like those on your web page, I'm just a huge fan and I know that this time if he is so kind to tour with this upcoming album, there is no distance I won't travel, no expense I won't pay, to see him live!!!

So I am asking please, with all earnist, to keep your ear to any news of an upcoming tour, and to post whatever credible info you may find, on your site, as soon as you can. I understand how much time it takes, to keep a site updated, and can understand the trials and tribulations of such a project. But I will be checking into your site often.

Thanks so much for offering such credible info, for us Segarfiles. Keep it coming!


2/6/99 12:43 pm

Kevin, I just spent a couple of hours on you Unofficial Bob Seger web page. It was Great! I've been a Hugh Fan forever. Been to many concerts. I even had the good fortune to meet Bob and Alto once by chance. They stopped by local night club to see a friend of theres that was performing and I just happened to be there. I got there autograph. Big Thrill! Anyway, thank you for all of your hard work! I really appreciate it.


Paul Siewert

2/2/99 10:49 pm From: rustybodog

Wow. I always liked Bob Seger, but there's a lot of his songs I didn't know. I thought I could just look at the all of the song titles and know which one I wanted, but it's not that easy. I was watching One Life to Live (yes, a soap opera) and a Bob Seger song came on. I have never heard it before, but just one note and you know it was him. Would you by chance know which one it was. I've tried everywhere to find out. It was on the 1/18/99 show. Thanks.

1/23/99 9:47 am


Hi, I just wanted you to know that your site looks great. And that I felt that adding a Chris' page was pure class, I had the pleasure of meeting him and the band in Denver in 1981 or 2 maybe 83 I forget now but they all treated me like I was a long lost cousin. Chris even knew my name when I walked up to him at the stage doors, talk about a rush. keep up the good work. Thanks for your time.

Ron Lasalle

1/25/99 7:29pm From scrumptiouskiti

I love Seger I've been I fan since the first time I heard Traveling Man/Beautiful Loser I have since listened tio every thing the man has done. I'm listening to his greatest hits now He always helps me when I'm down. I cried the day some one stole my Smoking Op's album and I am trying to replace it. Keep up the good work.


1/1/99 9:26pm

Enjoyed your website! I've been a Seger fan for a loooooong time! I'm44yrs. old, so I even had a chance to see the system years ago at Mount Holly on a night of a terrible snow storm, so there were only about 150 people in the audience. Bob came out, looked at the smalll crowd and said, "well - there aren't many of us here, but we're going to have a good time" --- and then he rocked as if there were a crowd of 25,000! I noticed on "Brand New Morning" and "Noah" that you don't have the song listings. I have the original albums of both, so if you need the info from them, let me know. I also have a couple photo's (now on slides) of the system at the last show they did at "Sherwood Forest" in Davison, MI. It was with the three members except Bob. Bob came back stage with "Peter C. Cavanaugh from the radio station to get paid for the night. The band asked Bob if he would like to get in "one last photo". Bob looked over and rather coldly replied--"when I walked off that stage, it was the END of the Bob Seger System" and then walked away. We said hey, who needs him anyway and got a photo of the rest of the band. Keep up the good work! I'm using my sister's set-up. My name is "Hall", that's the first name, in case you would like any thing I can help you with. I also have a "bootleg" album with all his vintage stuff. East side story, Ballad of Yellow Beret, Sock it to me santa, Florida Time and all the rest from that time.

Take care,


12/30/98 4:23 pm

I just wanted to let you know I think your site is really cool. I have been a Seger fan since I was about 5, (that is when I got my first album anyway.) So I have been listening to him for almost 20 years! WOW. I hope he plans to tour soon. I would love to see him again. I got to see him twice in 96 in Cleveland. Please let me know if you hear of anything.

Keep up the great work on this site! I love the pictures. Do you have any idea where I could get The Little Drummer Boy song by Seger? I can't seem to find it anywhere.


Link Added to Seger Stuff Section for Amazon.com to purchase above item

12/30/98 5:19am


I've viewed your "Seger" web site with much interest. I grew up in Detroit, and grew up with Seger. I must relay a quick story of the first time I saw Seger. One of maybe 30 times.

It was at the Detroit Auto Show sometime in the late 60's. He was playing with two other local favorites, Skip Teagarden, and Art VanWinkle. Obviously this was when Bob was just starting out. They were stuck over in the corner of the auto show with about 25 or 30 people sitting around on a cement floor, not even any chairs! This was, I'm guessing now, just prior to the release of Ramblin' Gamblin' Man. Teagarden/VanWinkle had a local hit with "Okie from Muskogee"(sp), and there they all were up there playing together. Just a bunch of kids.

Also note: Craig Frost had a band at that time called "The Frost". Had a record out called "Rock and Roll Music" (?)

Well keep up the good work,

Ed Gills

12/28/98 9:50pm






12/5/98 4:19 p.m.


I was surfing for Bob Seger info and came upon your website. It's great you have a lot of info here!

I can hook you up with the guitarist who played lead on Old Time Rock & Roll. His name is Forrest McDonald, he was known as Howie McDonald when he recorded with Bob.

Maybe Forrest has a story or two he could share with you.

Take care,



12/6/98 10:57 a.m.

From t-hookman

You did a find job on the site bob is the man my fav seen him only twice but it was a memory i cherish!!!! DAMN GOOD JOB !!!!! I THANK U AND SO DOES VA !!!!


12/4/98 9:41 PM

Hi Kevin,

Just wanted to let you know I just visited your site. I am too thrilled that Bob Seger is thinking of a new tour. I thought it was about time. It seems every two years he comes around again. He is the only artist I have ever seen more than once and I have seen his last 5 tours in Memphis, TN. I am a bit worried now though. I just moved to Vermont, and I am really curious...can you tell me if he tours this area. I know he loves Detroit, but I am a bit far from there. Can you tell me if he goes to Montreal on his tours??? or Maybe Mass area. If you can give me some details as to where he generally plays in the East I would greatly appreciate it, I just need to know where to start lokking for tickets, shortly after January. I would just be sick if I missed this tour because I moved...

Thanks a bunch!!!!Take care and keep up the great work!!!

Patti G.

Hi Patti,

Bob does hit New England and would play the Fleet Center in Boston should he

tour. The last tour he played the Fleet Center in February, then came back and played Great Woods (Mansfeild MA) in May. I live just north of Boston so I know this from experience (went to both shows). He also plays the Civic Center in Providence RI but that would be a bit of a ride from Vermont. Anyway, welcome to New England and thanks for the note. Keep an eye on the page, I will note any upcoming tour right on the top page the second I hear of it.


Thank you Kevin....Your a doll!!!!

I suppose he doesn't do tours in Canada huh? Well if Mass is where I have

to go then so be it.....I wouldn't miss this show for anything....His Mystery Tour was fabulous!!!!I can honestly say of all the artists I have seen Live...he is the BEST!!!! Memphis always sold out in 30 minutes or less and generally he had to announce another show for the following night. Last time though, he played "The Pyramid" and that held a lot more people and he only did one show there. I had connections for that show and was able to get great seats without camping out in front of the ticket hub. All the prior shows though I had to camp out, that isn't something I would do for ANY other artist....My fiancé and I went to the KISS concert (his favorite band), in Montreal, Canada last Tuesday night. He promised me that if I went to see KISS with him, he would go see Bob Seger with me. I can't wait to show him who the REAL boss of MUSIC really is..*grin.

Thank you Kevin again for the info....your terrific!! Keep up the great work and I look forward to seeing the coming tour announcement.

Patti G.

11/27/98 12:09 p.m.

dear k walsh

i am wrighting from co. wicklow Ireland i would like to know if there are any bob seger videos available and also if he plains any tours in the future it would be gratefully apprieciated if you could e-mail me with the previos information

Thank you

11/21/98 7:52 p.m.

cool page! ,or should I say,Turn the page. I have been a Seger fan for many year's. I have about 30 (45 RPM) records mostly promo. & around 26 LP's some promo's .I also have snapshots of Bob when he was about 19 yrs old. *8*9997%$#@^ Michigan just lost to the buttwipes* I mean Buckeyes. Anyhow back to Seger ,I got a lot of stuff, incluiding Charlie Martin as a friend. Do you want his phone # ? He can tell you some great story's...............

11/10/98 10:41pm

Hey Kevin,

My name is Shawn, im 22, and an avid fan of Bob Seger since I was growing up. He was my Fathers favorite band. (he passed away when I was 15) Bob Seger has always been a source of great music, and many of his songs have a lot of meaning for me. I thought I would never get to see him in concert, but I was able to a few years ago in his last tour, and his stop in Minnesota. I may even play "Always in My Heart" as the first dance at my wedding coming in august. Just wanted to say great site, and good work!


Shawn M. Anderson

11/2/98 3:35 pm

Hi Kevin,

I have a question I hope you can help me with. I've been searching for early Seger albums prior to "Beautiful Loser" and l am having a tough time finding them. Any ideas? I'm especially interested in picking up "Back in '72" I've heard rumors that Bob doesn't want to release them on CD because he didn't like how he sounded back then.

Also on the subject on Seger music, have you heard any plans about any box set on the horizon? He's one of the few major artists who has left a major portion of his early work unavaible to us huge fans.

Any help you can provide would be appreciated.


Mark Stevens

10/31/98 6:29 pm

hey man cool site!

just dropping you a line to let you know somthing interesting. My fave tune by Bob is "Night Moves" it goes back to messing around with this girl who was older then me and we were sneaking around when i was just an impressionable early teen. anyway she told me that "Night Moves" was MY song! for whatever reason, but it reminds me of my youth. I'm ony 27 now but I was 14 at the time and very hard! anyway years go by........we are good friends she's married with daughter and i'm a Musician in Toronto doing fairly well, Well my drummer is a guy named Ben Riley, if you know as much as i think you do i don't have to tell you that "Night Moves" was recorded in Toronto and Doug Riley played the organ and Piano on that track! Bens Dad! cool huh? doug told me one night that when they were recording that track,Doug suggested bringing it down to almost nothing in the bridge " I woke last night to the sound of thunder"... and Bob loved the idea, and it worked wonderfully. Who would have thought that when i was practicin the night moves I would be associated with this man?Anyway......hope i didn't bore you too badly (lol)

p.s. what 1962 song do you think he was humming?

peace Ron Littlejohn


10/30/98 8:40 pm

Kevin, excellent work.


Subject: Great Site!!!

From: Ted at SMTP-Post-Office Date: 10/29/98 1:47 AM

> Kevin,

Just wanted to tell ya how much I enjoyed your site! Keep up the good work. I have a quick story to tell you, and then a couple of questions, if i may? The story is that I seen Bob for the first time at the old Keil Auditorium in St Louis, but can't remember the exact date. But i do know this!! it was long enough ago that he "OPENED" for Kiss!!! *L* But it was a great concert they really rocked. It was in the middle to late70's I think..One of the questions I was going to ask was, I would really like to know the date of that concert? Any ideas how to get it? And second the keyboard player now Craig Frost. Same Craig Frost that jammed with Grand Funk and was on their "Caught in the Act" live album??

Also my favorite album is Night Moves..I think it is one of the best recorded rock&roll albums ever!! I have been a musician myself since 74 and I do know good and great music when I hear it!! Night Moves to me is one of the greatest ever!! Well just my thoughts and questions..again great page!!


Ted Hamilton


Yes, Craig played with Grand Funk for some years. Regarding the concert date,

I don't have that info but Scott Sparling may. His "Seger Files" site can be acessed from the link on my top page. The Kiss tour is what helped Bob get started.


Great page. I've been a big Seger fan for over 10 years, collecting every album I can find. I've got a great old Rolling Stone issue from 1980 featuring Bob on the cover. Would very much like to meet him someday.

Keep up the good work.

Jimmy Roche

Mechanical Engineering

University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon

9/30/98 10:38 am



I just found your site...and it is really great! Alot of time has gone into putting it all

together. You have done a super job! I just "happened" to find Alto's site by checking Keyword:altoreed.com I'd tried many times before, but never came up with anything. I was shocked to see a page come up AND to find he'd recorded some of his own music. Do you know how long his site has been up? Anyway, I found your site off of his. Saved it in my favorite places...as I did the Seger files by Scott. (It's gona take awhile to read it all, but I LOVE IT!) I'm a huge Seger fan and am glad to see he's recording something new for us!



9/17/98 10:58 am


Thanks for the support for the Jazz Poll.

Your site looks great! Keep it up!

Also, please use www.altoreed.com as the link to my site. The Harmonie Park

address from the album takes you to an older original site that has not been

updated. I'm going to try and correct this problem......anyway, the

altoreed.com address is the one to use.

Thanks mucho......I will update you with any news on the band and or myself.

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