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Ron LaSalle

Click on the album art for Rons Home Page.

Check out the new web page for Drew Abbotts band:

Official page of Little Feat.

Thanks to Shaun Murphy for inviting me to Feat shows when they are in my area.

Little Feat members who have played with the Silver Bullet Band: Bill Payne, Shaun Murphy, Richie Hayward, Fred Tackett

Official page of Alto Reed...

Official page of Laura Creamer.

Laura has sung with Bob for over 20 years, as well as with many other mainstraem artists. She now has her own album out available from her site and is currently touring with Kid Rock.


Official page of David Teegarden.

David has played with Bob and the SBB here and there for many years. He has appeared on the albums Stranger in Town, Against the Wind, Nine Tonight, and back on Smokin' OP's; and toured with the SBB in 1977-78 and 1980.

The Seger Files by Scott Sparling

Eric Verona's SegerNet


Detroit Rock History - Includes Ed"Punch"Andrews and Bob Seger

Southeastern Michigan's Bands and Musicians 1966-72

Backstage Shots w/Bob

A Personal Page

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