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Jan 25,2013

Seger and Rock Rehearse for upcoming shows

2006 Tour Collage

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July 19th 2011

Second Leg of Tour announced for this Fall

Major Cities will include New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Philadelphia, Dallas and more

Rolling Stone Tour Announcement
I will post dates as they come in.

March 26, 2010

Bob announces Fall 2010 Tour!!!

Bob Seger announced on Dick Purtans last show on 3/26/10 that the plans are underway for a tour starting this Fall.
Listen to the interview on the Tour Section of Bobseger.com

New Album Released !!!

NEW Seger Book Available at Amazon,

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Released: October 15, 2009

Jan 28, 2009

Bob Seger & SBB coming to Guitar Hero World Tour- Available Feb 26, 2009

Detroit News Article on New Bob Seger "Track Pack" for XBox and PS3

July 08

Bob sings on new Little Feat Release "Join the Band" available NOW on iTunes:

Click this link Little Feat - Join the Band - Something In the Water to go right to the song "Something in the Water" featuring Bob Seger

And available Aug 26th on CD at Amazon.com:

2nd Grade Teacher and Seger Fan honored by parents and students

4 May 07

At Castle Heights Elementary School in Price, Utah the PTA roommothers honor each teacher with many nice surprises during the annual Teacher Appreciation Week. One tradition done each year is to decorate the teachers door. Usually this is very specific or special to that teacher.

All of the 23 second grade students know how much their teacher, Vicky Tamllos, loves Bob Seger.

The room mothers decorated her door as shown below with Vicky next to it.

She has promised her students she will smile the rest of the year since her door is so special and makes her so happy!!! One students mom bought her a Seger CD in a gift basket and another, who works at the local radio station always plays Seger and dedicates it to Vicky.

Each flame has a picture of a student and on the flame of the Statue of Liberty there is a of Vicky and Bob leaning toward her.

Congrats to Vicky from SegerBob.com . . . Just one question, How are you going to transfer that to your front door at home???

Seger to release live DVD, album - 3/28/07 Gary Graff, Oakland Press

Seger Camp thinks about Capitol Relationship - 3/28/07 Susan Whitall, Detroit News
Nov 8th Opening Night News Articles:
Seger: "It's Great to be Back", Detroit News
Seger's tour kickoff is a welcome return, Detroit FreePress
Seen and Heard: Bob Seger concert, The Grand Rapids Press
Seger Concert Draws Media Spotlight , The Grand Rapids Press
Fan Reaction, Detroit FreePress

Upcoming CD Release News 6/9/2006 Press Release

Billboard Article 6/9/2006

Seger joins Kid Rock on stage at the Joe!

2/3/06 - Bob Seger took the stage with Kid Rock at the Joe Louis arena in Detriot. They did a duet of Rock and Roll Never Forgets to a roaring crowd.
This is only the second time Seger has been on stage since the HOF induction in 2004.

Source: Detroit FreePress
Detroit Freepress article with pics

Detroit News Article
August 1, 2005

Bob takes the stage at PineKnob and performs "Landing in London" with 3 Doors Down!!

Click link below for article:

Bob Seger appears with 3 Doors Down - United Press International 8/3/05
"Smokin OPs" is available from Amazon.com - Click album to go there!

Click here to read my review of Smokin' OP's


This past Friday, Bob Seger and Kid Rock recorded a duet of the song "Real Mean Bottle" for Seger's upcoming album, his first of all-new material in a decade.

As reported by Uncle Joe's Daly Update for 3/8/2005:

Seger & Rock Record
This past Friday(3/4), Bob Seger and Kid Rock recorded a duet of the song "Real Mean Bottle" for Seger's upcoming album, his first of all-new material in a decade. Like most of us, Kid Rock has been a longtime Seger fan. But unlike us, Kid also got to induct Bob into the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame last year! The song they recorded together was written by country star Vince Gill for his 2003 album "Next Big Thing."


Bob sings in "Landing in London" on the New 3 DOORS DOWN CD titled "Seventeen Days"!

Click here to buy "Seventeen Days" at Amazon.com

Oct. 25, 2004
Seger NOT performing as reported in the Detriot Free Press!

The paper reported that Bob would be playing a political rally, that is INCORRECT. I have found no evidence that he ever intended to play, or even endorses a political candidate.


Detroit Music Awards - OUTSTANDING ANTHOLOGY/COMPILATION/REISSUE: Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band Greatest Hits 2

Detroit Music Awards 2004 Winners list
Bob attended and accepted the award at the Friday night 4/23/2004 Ceremony.

Free Press Article, Brian McCollum 4/24/04


Induction Complete! Bob Seger now a member of the Hall of Fame:  

HOF News Articles:

  1. Seger and Silver Bullet Band turn another page, Detroit News, 3/16/04
  2. 2004 ROCK AND ROLL HALL OF FAME INDUCTION: Bob Seger, Detroit's leading man of blue-collar music is at ease on his black-tie night, Detroit Freepress, 3/16/04
  3. Backstage at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Ceremony - Billboard, 3/16/04
  4. RR Hall of Fame Inducts Class of 04 - Billboard, 3/16/04
  5. Rock and Roll Hall of Fame welcomes seven stars - USA Today, 3/16/04
  6. ZZ Top, Bob Seger inducted into Rock and Roll Hall of Fame - Albany NY, 3/16/04
  7. BOB SEGER: Cast of characters - Detroit Freep, 3/14/04

  8. BOB SEGER: The definitive oral history of his rise to fame - Detroit Freep, 3/14/04
  9. Seger's journey through stardom - Detroit Freep, 3/14/04
  10. BOB SEGER: Michigan notables offer congratulations- Detroit Freep, 3/14/04
  11. Bob Seger set for Hall of Fame- The Age,Australia 3/14/04
  12. Bob Seger takes memories of Lenawee County to the Rock and Roll ... - Adrian Daily Telegram MI, 3/14/04
  13. Kid Rock inducts Bob Seger into Rock and Roll Hall of Fame - Utusan Malaysia Online, 3/14/04
  14. Gamblin' on the ramblin' man - Political Columnist Eric J. Greene Battle Creek Enquirer, 3/14/04

Rolling Stone Articles:

  1. ZZ Top, Prince Rock Into Hall March 16, 2004
  2. Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 2004: Bob Seger, February 25, 2004
  3. Bob Seger: A Star in His Own State July 29, 1976


Bob Seger interview on Sunday 3/14/04 at 10:00 PM

Joe Benson, ARROW 93's Morning Man in Los Angeles, CA. has a hour long nationally syndicated program in the United States called "Off the Record." with more of Joe's recent in-depth conversation with the 2004 inductee to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. This Sunday night at 10, OFF THE RECORD with Joe Benson will feature Seger's music and more of Joe's recent, exclusive conversation with Bob Seger!!

Check out this link: http://unclejoe.com/

Then click on the "Radio/Music/Racing Link" for a city in your area that is broadcasting it. For our friends across the ocean and for the cities or states that don't carry the program, some radio stations will stream the show. The list is fairly up to date and accurate, but of course, always check with the actual radio station to ensure they are still carrying the program. Enjoy!!!

Hall of Fame Press Release

Click here for the 11 February Release

Live Chat/Interview with Bob Seger

Held: February 2, 2004 ~ 9:30 PM

Click here for the "Meet and Greet" photos after the broadcast with 10 lucky fans.

 11/20/03 - Bob Inducted into Rock Hall of Fame!

Announced by BillBoard Magazine.

11/03 Radio Interviews

Bob interviewed by Bob Edwards on Monday 12/2 Morning edition of   NPR (National Public Radio)

**Segerbob.com Exclusive: 11/21 WQUT 101.5 in TN Interview w/Bob Click here**

I did an on-air interview Sat. 11/22 on 94.1 WVIC, Lansing MI w/Bob Watts (DJ/Shaun Murphy's brother) about the campaign.

Bob did live call-in interviews across the country. WZLX 100.7 FM Boston mentioned this site.

CLICK here to go to the WZLX Interview page to hear it for yourself!

Interview with Arthur Penhallow on WRIF in Detroit (sometime the week of 11/17/03)

CLICK to listen to the WRIF Interview!

2003 Newspaper Articles:

October 2003

Greatest Hits 2 to be released Nov 4th, 2003

Two new tracks added last minute - "Satisfied" and "Tomorrow"


  • 1. Understanding (from the Motion Picture Teachers)
  • 2. The Fire Down Below
  • 3. Her Strut
  • 4. Beautiful Loser
  • 5. Sunspot Baby
  • 6. Katmandu
  • 7. Shame On The Moon
  • 8. Fire Lake
  • 9. Tryin' To Live My Life Without You (Live)
  • 10. Shakedown (from the Motion Picture Beverly Hills Cop II)
  • 11. Manhattan
  • 12. New Coat Of Paint
  • 13. Chances Are (with Martina McBride from the Motion Picture Hope Floats)
  • 14. Rock And Roll Never Forgets
  • 15. Satisfied
  • 16. Tomorrow
  • 17. Turn The Page (bonus video)

September 2003

Bob Seger once again nominated for induction into the Hall of Fame.

Voting is underway, ballots due back some time in December. Induction ceremony March 2004. Who knows, fingers are crossed.

More 2003 Detroit Newspaper articles mentioning "Bob Seger"
Click link below for article (you have to look closely for Bob's name).
It's amazing how many articles he pops up in.

  1. Where to Jam or just Chill, Detroit News, 5/13/03
  2. Today's Birthdays, Detroit News, 5/6/03
  3. Past Michiganians of the Year, Detroit News, 5/4/03
  4. Firm keeps sound alive, Detroit News, 5/1/03
  5. Ford hypes redone F-150 to the max, Detroit News, 4/20/03
  6. Giguere comes up big, Detroit News, 4/13/03
  7. The Chess game begins, Detroit News, 4/12/03
  8. Local band spotlight, Detriot Free Press, 4/11/03
  9. War spurs on Sonwriters, Detroit News, 3/29/03
  10. Tim McGraw and Kid Rock team up..., Detroit Free Press, 3/23/03
  11. Travolta gets physical; Preston likes the change, Detroit Free Press, 3/24/03
  12. Over the boards . .w/Karen Newman, Detroit News, 3/4/03
  13. Eminem eyes estate - far north of 8 Mile, Detriot Free Press, 2/6/03

7/16/2002-Bob Wins Mackinaw Race for 2nd Year in a Row.
Click link below for the Detroit News article with Photo:
Seger skippers winner to Mackinac

Seger wins Port Huron to Mackinac race on his boat "Lightning"
The articles below also mention recent work.

Seger savors sail race win, plans to finish album soon -7/26/01

Seger wins against the wind - 7/25/01

Older BS&SBB Related News Articles from Detroit:

October 6, 2000 September 12, 2000 September 20, 2000
July 26, 2000 July 23, 2000 January 25, 2000

News in 2000:

Bob Seger makes final R & R Hall of Fame Nominee Cut

The final 18 nominees were announced this week and Bob Seger is one of them! 9/19/00

The 18 nominees for the Cleveland hall include Michael Jackson, Paul Simon, the Australian hard rockers, AC/DC; punk poet Patti Smith; rocker Bob Seger; the flamboyant cult favorites New York Dolls; Southern rockers Lynyrd Skynyrd; and . I. m Sorry. singer Brenda Lee. Eight acts are reappearing on the ballot after failing to win election in the past: rock bands Aerosmith, Queen and Black Sabbath; New York rocker Lou Reed; jazz-rockers Steely Dan; doo-wop favorites The Flamingoes; soul performer Solomon Burke; and . La Bamba. singer Ritchie Valens. Musicians are eligible for nomination to the hall 25 years after the release of their first recording. Ballots have been mailed to artists, producers, journalists and music industry executives who decide on the inductees. An induction banquet is generally held each March.
taken from the Capitol records site

I have always felt a part of the credit should go to long time members of the Silver Bullet Band and it would be nice if they were included as well.
However, I understand that in order to be considered, it must be 25 years from when your first album is released. Although Bob meets this, the Silver Bullet Band falls short by one year.

Detroit News, 9/12/00

Isiah & friends

Potpourri of celebrities gather to golf, gaggle, and support Thomas' charity event

DETROIT -- It's not every day you see Michigan celebrities John Engler, Bob Seger and Al Kaline standing together with Hollywood superstar Samuel L. Jackson looking on from the side. But then again, it's not every day you get to play golf on sopping wet grass in the fog. But that was the scene Monday at the Detroit Golf Club as a diverse array of personalities gathered to help The Isiah Thomas Foundation raise money for Metro Detroit youth organizations by way of the foundation's second annual celebrity golf classic.

Rocker Bob Seger was one of the first to show up at the course, although he passed on breakfast and the gym bag filled with goodies all celebrities were given. "Don't want a bag, got tons of bags," he told volunteers as he took his putter directly to the putting green and started practicing. Sporting a gray bear look, Seger's enthusiasm for golf was apparent. "See Tiger yesterday?" he asked. "He won another one, won another one." When photographers asked if they could shoot him putting he laughed and said, "Sure. I'll move the ball closer, though."

9 July 2000

In the 1st epside of "Freaks and Geeks" run in the marathon on NBC last night (8 July 00), the creator and executive producer, Paul Feig, chose the Beautiful Loser version of "Katmandu" and "You'll Accompany Me" from Against the Wind for two of the scenes in the show. Paul and I have been email buddies for the past 5 years and he was born and raised in Michigan on Silver Bullet Band tunes. Good choices Paul!

Punch has Digitally Remastered both Live Bullet and Night Moves. They are now available in 2 forms. Regular CD and a Limited Collector's Edition with the original Album Packaging. These collectors editions do not come in the plastic CD jewl case, but cardboard replicas of the album jackets. Be careful if you order CDs on-line that you are getting the version you want

I bought both of these with Christmas cash given to me as a gift. They are very cool. Thanks to my favorite Bassist for signing them and getting Bob and the rest of the guys to do so as well.

-- Modified: March 22, 2004