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Chris Campbell - Bass Guitar, BS&SBB

What can I say here . . . For 20 years of friendship that started with a fan letter and giving me opportunities very few fans (if any) get to experience.
I have so much fun hanging out with you during tours its immeasurable.

Courtney Campbell

For being a such a great friend, going out of your way for me and my family. From sending flowers to my daughter when she was born (now in 10th grade) to all our fun phone conversations. Thank you for everything.

Ms. Shaun Murphy - Vocalist BS&SBB and Little Feat

For corresponding with me, inviting me to Feat shows and to hang on the tour bus, and just being an all around great friend.

Craig Frost -Piano and Moose Brown - Guitar & Keyboards

Thanks for making me feel like one of the guys when I hang out in the dressing room, and not minding that I eat all the cookies.

Bill Blackwell & Punch Andrews - Head Honcho

You guys are always nice when you see me.

John Rapp - Head of Security, etc. etc.

For always being glad to see me when I show up back stage.

My Wife

For listening to the same band over and over and never once complaining.

My Brother Gary and Friend Joe

For sharing my passion for this music and band.

Eric Verona (Segernet.com) and Scott Sparling (SegerFile.com)

My colleagues in Seger Web terms who have turned out to be great friends.

And of course Bob Seger and the rest of the Silver Bullet Band members and crew

for writing, performing, producing, etc.

Special thanks in memory of Edward F. Sullivan, my colleague of 13 years. He was and always will be an inspiration, giving me more than I could ever have given him. -KW

-- Modified: February 8, 2006